Friday, November 1, 2013

Autumn Adventures in Photos

I promised some photos coming soon, so here they are -- probably a little too many of them!

 I love my yellow sunflowers, but this red one is pretty too.

 Animal rescue reunion group photo.

 Leo and the lion.

 Catching some September sunshine.

 Marching in the Agricultural Fair.

 Hi Mom!

 A mini vacation. Camping in our friends' beautiful trailer.

 The golf cart was a huge hit!

Bella booting ahead on the bike, while Peanut runs behind the cart trying to catch up.

Gone fishin'!

The teenagers LOVED driving the golf cart.

 Bacon. The reason we're not totally vegetarian. Over the fire it's soooooo gooood!

 Homework still had to be done.
 Even the Engineer had time to read.

 First apple pie of the fall.

 Finally my new clematis is starting to bloom like crazy!

 Dusk. The country provides so many sunset photo ops.

 The soybeans turning golden.

 Mavy enjoying the morning sunshine.

Bake sale apple cupcakes -- and some with worms. :o)

In line at the Third Day concert.

Peach and three of her four besties.

Third Day!

BDCSS Soccer Tournament.

This covers to the first week of October. More to come next week. :o)

Wishing you all a blessed weekend!



  1. I LOVE all the pictures! Looks like a busy and fun fall at your house :D And oh my goodness! That must be quite a trailer if it can fit all nine of you - what a blessing!


    1. It was a blessing and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Yes, we ALL fit in it. It's a beautiful trailer. Very high class for us since we usually tent it.

  2. Hey dB- thanks for the autumn glut of loveliness. I am delighted to report that your camping weather looks positively Irish! Third day! We saw them here in Belfast a long while ago now- doesn't that guy have the MOST amazing voice? I'm going to dig out that CD....

  3. Mags, he does have the MOST amazing voice! I wanted to tell you that Nathanael was at a conference this spring and Rend Collective was there. He brought home two CD's. LOVE!!

  4. That's what I've been missing with your new format. Picture of what everyone is up to! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the pictures of all your wonderful family. So glad to see what you all are up to these fall days.


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