Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Kiddos

*** I did this post Saturday morning on the laptop and had planned to go downstairs to find some photos to upload. I still haven't had a good chunk of time to do that, so you'll just have to read for today. Photos will follow sometime soon -- I hope! :o)

It's raining today which means the two photo sessions we were going to do this morning were cancelled and we'll wait to see how the day progresses before a decision is made on the afternoon session. So now I am sitting here sipping my still slightly warm coffee (totally normal) and enjoying a delicious, still hot, apple coffee cake. All the children are up except the two fifteen year old girls (Peach has a friend over). The Boy was all set to go to work, but since it's raining out, he now has a day off too. There's a load in the machine and baskets of laundry waiting to be sorted to and have their turn in the machine. There are apples waiting to be chopped and dehydrated or frozen, broccoli also waiting to be chopped and frozen. It's more or less a typical Saturday here in our spot in rural Canada. :o)

Since I really haven't blogged much for a long time, I'll try to catch you up on all the kiddos. Julie, you asked about them so here you go! :o)

Bub (Nathanael) is now a 6 '3 1/2" tall seventeen year old. He spent the summer working three jobs. He kept his job at the library, lifeguarded and taught at our local pool, and also did haying, sheep shearing and inoculating for a nearby farmer/family friend. Currently, he still works at the library, and works for a different farmer whose farm is turned into a fun family place for the fall -- complete with petting zoo, corn maze, John Deere pedal go-carts, several other kid friendly games, and of course lots and lots of pumpkins.

Nathanael started grade 12 this year dragging his feet even though he is attending his final year with his friends. They are in a different school this year. Up until this year, our district has had two Catholic high schools, but this year they finally amalgamated (it's been in planning for years already). Bub and Peach were in the newer high school which is the one that is staying, but they are currently in the old (ancient according to the kids) high school while the huge addition goes on to the new one. However, despite his lack of enthusiasm about starting school in September, he has adjusted nicely and it has opened up a couple of new opportunities that weren't available until this year. He's now a member of a brand new drum corps! He also has some different teachers that like to make him think and encourage him in his strengths. He just finished Driver's Education, but has to do the car part of it yet, so he's still not a fully licensed driver. He's very active in our church's youth group again this year. He still drums for the praise team at church. He also rows a minimum of four mornings a week. He is planning to try out for the Ontario Rowing team which he is pretty excited about and what has him out the door at 6:45 am every morning to practice. Swimming begins again at the end of the month. He's also narrowed down his post secondary choices, but I'll talk about that in another post.

Peach (Natascha) is 15 years old and in grade ten this year. She did so well in grade 9 last year that she is tied for second highest marks in her grade. She also won the Science award and the English award for top marks. She is a very conscientious and diligent student. She also has a great group of friends and enjoys spending time with them. She beginning the quest to find a part time job, but so far has only made it as far as having her resume written. Like her brother, she is involved in our youth program and will be swimming again at the end of the month. She is also looking forward to the spring drama production, but it has yet to be announced. She still loves to bake and likes to sneak away to read or work on some craft or project when free time allows.

Beans is 13 years old and in grade eight. This year has had a great start for her. Other years have had much girl drama right from the beginning. Happily there has been very little of that this year. Hooray for maturing!! :o) Her best friend is homeschooled, so they don't get to see each other as often as they like. Her other best friend is a boy whom she does get to see each school day, but they tend not to spend too much time together at school as they do risk being teased. They quite enjoy each others company outside of school though, but seeing as they're now both getting into the phase of life where the hormones are kicking in, we don't let them get together quite as often. Sports is pretty much mandatory in a school of just over 100 students, and this year we have heard little to no complaints about it. In fact Beans was trying to decide the other day if she likes soccer or volleyball better. She is still our musician though. This year she is taking piano, violin, and voice. She loves it!

Squirt is ten years old and in grade six. She continues to struggle in school, but rarely complains. She works hard and does her best and that is all we ask. We help her out when and where we can, but she mostly does her work on her own.  Her imagination is amazing! We're trying to find a way to channel that, but it's difficult when already struggles to read and write, and typing doesn't come easy either. She really enjoys doing speeches so we'll work on that with her for sure. This year she is taking piano and voice.

Bella is nine years old and in grade four. Academically she is doing quite well when you take into consideration that she was quite behind just two years ago. Her best subject is French. Bella makes friends easily and is a social butterfly. She starting taking piano lessons this fall and seems to be enjoying it so far. We're still working on thinking skills and consequences to actions (or inactions) with her.

Bright Eyes is eight years old and in grade two. She got her hearing aids early in the summer. Wearing them daily went off without a hitch. These days we are working on retraining her to realize that yes, you did hear my question, and now you need to answer it and not stare at me. She still likes to use the fact that she was rather seriously hearing impaired as an escape whenever she doesn't want to obey instructions or answer a question. As far as in the classroom, they are definitely making a difference. She participates more and is doing better in her work. She too is taking piano this fall.

Abygail is six years old and in senior kindergarten. Abygail is very much a baby yet. She demands to be catered to by almost everyone she meets and knows that her big sunny smile can charm the pants off of almost anyone. These two facts are making it difficult for her be obedient to instruction, to listen and obey, and to remember anything she's been taught/told previously. Discipline doesn't seem to phase her and we are running out of ideas to enable her to realize that she is not a three year old anymore. It's not all bad though. She does love to laugh and that can be rather infectious at times.

That's the kids in a nutshell. Just the seven of them create lots of miles on the road each week, but that's why I'm home, so I can be out driving kids everywhere all week. :o)

Have a great weekend ,my friends!



  1. Loved reading this catch up post! Your kiddos sound like they're thriving :) Haha I think Squirt and I are similar in academics. Besides liking speeches...those make me sick. :) I laughed out loud when you said that Abygail's smile could charm the pants off anyone, because that sounds just like Tareh Jo. It's like at home all she does is disobey and complain and discipline doesn't phase her either, but then we go to church or she comes to school and suddenly she's an angel. Oh the struggles and joys... Looking forward to those pictures. You continue to be on my heart and I hope one day we'll be able to meet.


  2. Hurray! Thanks so much for the update - I'm amazed at how your kids are growing, not just physically but in many ways.

    Keep up the good work :D


  3. I loved catching up on the kids' growth and development. We should all do this with our kids to see how far they've come. All of our kids are wonderful gifts :-)

  4. So glad to hear about your kids! I've been wondering what you all have been up to. Thanks for catching us up :)


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