Monday, August 26, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window: currently weak sunshine (there is a forecast of thunderstorms today), lots of crickets and other singing bugs, an unusual bird call/song, and the occasional sound of a vehicle driving by.

I am thinking: about a lot of things really. This was about the first morning all summer that I could actually sleep in, and I was awake at 5:30 am with my mind spinning. People, places, things. It's the last week of summer holidays before school starts. I have mixed feelings.

In the kitchen: my first batch of healthy homemade granola. I'm happy because it turned out really well!

I am wearing: a cotton nightgown and my fluffy pink housecoat -- not that I need it for warmth.

I am creating: I have white cotton on the knitting needles and am making reusable cleaning pads for make-up etc. The girls like them.

I am going: to the pool with ten children (mine and four of their friends) for one last swim before they close it for this year, to take my Boy to the dentist, take my highschoolers to register for the new school year, and I think that's about it.

I am wondering: if we're going to have a very warm September. After having four cool, but beautiful weeks, we're now back into nice warm weather.

I am reading: Tottering in My Garden A Gardener's Memoir by Midge Ellis Keeble among other things.

I am hoping: not really hoping anything today. Just choosing to live in the moment as much as possible. Time moves so quickly and life is so fragile that I just want to enjoy today.

I am looking forward to: the continued warm weather, sunshine, some swimming, a beach day or two yet. Just being.

I am learning: no learning this week. :o)

Around the house: the kids baskets of laundry that they need to put away yet, the usual assortment of books, but otherwise it's pretty tidy -- not clean, but it's tidy.

I am pondering: routine. How to get back into a new one. How long it will take. How to be patient when the order for the day/week gets changed.

A favorite quote for the day: "God is everywhere, so pray anywhere!"

A few plans for the rest of the week: swim, swim, and oh maybe swim. A couple more campfires, read, relax, enjoy the last bit of summer freedom.

A peek into my day:

My girls and their swim team coaches at the last meet of the summer on Saturday. Their coaches are both a little nutty, but that's what happens when it's your brother and his best friend. :o). 

Happy Monday and a blessed week!



  1. Oh, you should post the pattern and picture of your make up/face scrubbies. I would like to see those! Cute girls....and swim coaches! :)

  2. Ahhhh, summer! I hate to see it end, but I love autumn :D Enjoy the pool!


  3. Oh, that looks like summer! What a bunch of cutie pies!

  4. Ha ha ha ...cute picture!! enjoy the rest of your summer and your healthy granola :) ~Love Heather

  5. I am home and catching up. I enjoy your Daybook thoughts. Looks like a nice closing to a good summer. Would love to see what your finished product looks like that you are knitting. Love the last picture... what would we do with out our clowns... we need laughter don't we.

  6. Gracious living.

    We are saying goodbye to summer too, and last days at the pool.

  7. I wonder if all of your swimmers might like to come over and swim in the warm South Pacific Ocean? Open invitation to your crew!


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