Monday, July 8, 2013

Routine and The Simple Woman's Daybook

We are settling into a bit of a summer routine already (or is it finally). This is the start of week three of summer holidays for the children. Canada Day celebrations are over, the two oldest have their work schedules more or less figured out, the youngers divide their time between reading, playing, swimming, and being read to, and I'm a little listless.

Normally I love the heat, but usually it's accompanied by sunshine. We have had an incredible amount of dreary days since summer holidays began three weeks ago. With the dullness are bouts of rain which makes for great weeding and an exorbitant amount of mosquitoes and other icky itch causing bugs. I have become an outdoor wimp! If I do go out, I am mostly covered (and sweating profusely), or I am liberally sprayed with bug spray. Blech!

Since things are mostly dull around here, I thought I would do a version of the Country Woman's Daybook.

For today:

Outside my window: overcast (again), although I can see some blue.

I am thinking: I need to brush the dog, vacuum and scrub the kitchen and dining room floors.

I am thankful: for central airconditioning that keeps the house bearable in this heat and humidity.

In the kitchen: pad Thai, and spicy mango salad tonight, really need to do some baking too.

I am wearing: a super comfy cotton nightgown that I found at a thrift store. One of my favorite finds.

I am creating: I have squares laid out for a flannel quilt, but I have hardly touched it since summer holidays began. Maybe this week? Also trying to decide what to put on the knitting needles as my most recent project was not going as hoped and I ripped it out for the fourth and final time. Maybe I'll try again this winter.

I am going: Hither and yon as I take the two oldest to work and pick them up later in the day, take three to swim team. Go to the library and tonight to the Big City for some needed larger items.

I am wondering: Whether I should put the four youngest in swimming lessons yet even though I said I wasn't going to this year. Since we live near so many bodies of water, I feel it is very important that all my children know how to swim and swim well.

I am reading: Wuthering Heights, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Dragon Rider.

I am hearing: birdsong, a train blowing its horn at the sideroad, the hum of the refrigerator.

I am hoping: we have some sunshine this week so that we can have a beach afternoon.

I am looking forward to: a good garden harvest,  and especially fresh ripe tomatoes!

I am learning: how to build a chicken coop and the care and raising of laying hens. Very much hoping to have my own little flock.

Around the house: wet towels (ugh, smelly), dog hair, a few dirty dishes, books everywhere, a bouquet of lilies from my garden.

I am pondering: why I feel so blah. Things to do to make some positive summer memories.

A favorite quote for today: "If conversation is the lyrics, laughter is the music,  then making time spent together is the melody that can be replayed over and over without getting stale." ~Nicholas Sparks in The Choice

One of my favorite things: Thrift store shopping. I have found so many wonderful and highly useful things over the years.

A few plans for the rest of the week: baking, hopefully a beach afternoon, maybe a movie matinee with some of the older children.

A peek into my day:

My ninth summer spending three early mornings a week sitting here. The one who started this tradition (Bub in red T shirt) is now a lift guard, instructor, and swim team coach along with his best friend (blue T shirt). They are quite enjoying bossing coaching their younger siblings. Between the two of them  they have five siblings in the pool right now. Summer just wouldn't be summer without swim team practice.

Happy Monday!


  1. Sorry you're feeling blah. Humidity, rain, and heat would do it to me! Still, I bet you'll make lots of happy memories with your house full :D


  2. I like your woman's day book. Its a great way to get your thoughts flowing. Its been so hot here as well. I find that I have not gone outside as often this summer. Too hot. The grasshoppers are eating the garden,, so I have very little left. Hope you stay cool and migraine free ( I read your previous post). Have a great week.

  3. I loved reading your daybook. And I must say I had a flash of wonderful memories that came into my mind when I saw your photo and read what you said. I spent five mornings a week, early mornings, waiting through swim team practice for years. My girls do not swim competively, so those days have passed.

  4. So glad you posted a daybook. Hope it becomes a regular habit!


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