Tuesday, May 7, 2013

30 Day Photography Challenge Days 17-30

Day 17 Street Lights

Our friend's street. We don't have street lights. I love the old world feel to these lights.

Day 18 Depicting Emotion

She doesn't take drama  class for no reason!

Day 19 Landscape

Day 20 Whatever You Want

Geese feeding in our puddle.

Day 21 Sunset

Day 22 Someone You Love

The Engineer packing for San Antonio, TX. A six day trip. One of his longer ones. I can manage the four day trips, but I am plumb tired when he arrives home from longer trips.

Day 23 Childhood Memory

These belonged to my brother and I as children. Classic Fisher Price. I actually don't let our children play with it anymore.

Day 24 Favorite Colour Scheme

I can't say that I have a favorite colour scheme. I simply love colour, so I decided to take a photo of some of the girls' embroidery floss.

Day 25 Whatever You Want

Day 26 Playing with Shadows

This is actually a moonrise. It was very bright and our camera has some amazing ISO capabilities.
Day 27 Natural Light

Day 28 Incorporate Motion

Spring is the season for cartwheels and jumping rope. Our girls are so athletic ;o)!

Day 29 Clouds

Day 30 Yourself 30 Days Later

Umm, yeah. This is the only one I haven't done. Do you really need to see me again? I haven't changed one iota since the beginning of the month -- except that maybe my bangs are cooperating lately. :o)


  1. Love these pictures - You take gorgeous photos! Especially liked the collage of Peach. :)

    Oh you can do it - plus you're beautiful! Please take one more picture?


  2. Deborah, you really have a gift! My favorite may be the landscape (with the rain in the distance), though I love the ones of your family :D

    And the little Fisher-Price bus! I think I still have one somewhere, and some little cars, and little people! (Though my boys did play with them...)


  3. I always enjoy your photos. Every time I see someone do one of these photo projects I think about getting in on the fun....until I remember that I really don't like doing assigned shots. Sigh....

  4. Wonderful pictures. I played with FP, too, for hours and hours. What is the magenta flower? It is beautifully unusual.

  5. I absolutely love these photos!!

  6. Your ideas and perspectives through the lens really are fascinating! Thanks for sharing :-)


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