Thursday, April 4, 2013

Magic Meerkat

I'm pretty sure most of you know about the Elf on the Shelf fellow that is so popular during the Advent season. Well, the truth is my children are all creeped out by him. Some of them actually think that if the fellow was real, he would likely kill them in the night. So for obvious reasons, he will never join our home during the holidays because if he did, the only thing my kids would be anticipating is their death. ;o). Yes, I exaggerate, but then they have good imaginations.

We have something far more cute and he works his magic in the summer. Meet our Magic Meerkat. The first summer he popped his head out in our garden the kids were intrigued. Every few days I would move him to a different spot. They couldn't believe that this little fellow could move around. As they got older, they of course knew that I was doing it, but it was still a game to see who could find him in his new spot. Sometimes I would move him and they wouldn't notice for a few days. Suddenly they would realize he had moved and they would search for him until they found him again.

These days he's a looking a little worn. He's been loved on by a big black dog and has sat out through some long cold winters. Someone brought him in the house this past week and I'm not sure why, but it's what made me think of sharing with you the story of our Magic Meerkat.


  1. So glad I'm not the only one that thinks the elf thing is CREEPY. And it has what to do with Christmas? (Okay, I know we do lots of things that have nothing to do with Jesus' birth, but why make up something else that's meaningless just to add MORE to the mix???)

    The meerkat is cute :D And very clever! Fun game in the yard or garden, and not detracting from anything else :D


  2. Elf on the shelf completely creeps me out, too. We will never, ever do it. also, if he did the things in our house he would most likely get a spanking, since that's the consequence of all those nasty things he does. ha ha.

    the meerkat sure is cute, though!

  3. Where did you get Mr. Meerkat, he is very cute! And fun. I love all your photography challenge photos. If I could pull my ambition together, I would do the challenge with you. Your dog's photo is very cute... so is the cat in the barn at your parent's farm.

  4. The meerkat exhibit at the Dallas Zoo is my five-year-old's favorite!


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