Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Fashion Sense AKA Why are Leggings (and associates) Now Considered Pants?

I am one of those few women who have no fashion sense. Nor did I get the shopping gene. I despise shopping for clothing for me. Oh, I have a reasonably good idea of what is popular from one season to the next, but my pocket book, my figure, and my common sense usually dictate that I will not purchase it, regardless of how nice it might look on someone else because it won't look good on me.

I'm a jeans or skirt and T-shirt kind of girl. At home I will wear sweats -- especially when on a cleaning rampage, or during a workout (of course), but I fit the extremely modest (boring) category of dressing. I will not wear shirts (tank tops) that allow bra straps to hang out, nor will I wear any tight fitting clothing that shows anything it shouldn't -- or these days, things that I don't want to show because I'm so out of shape. Ugh!

I was picking up my teens from highschool one evening some time ago and had to have what my children affectionately call a rant session. Going skiing this past weekend reminded me of the earlier rant. I abhor the leggings that have become so popular these days. Seriously! These young girls, and even worse women my age and older look like they're walking around in their bare bums! Don't believe me? How about a couple of photos, compliments of a Google search.

Nice, eh? NOT! Put them in a nude shade and everyone will be looking twice. By the way you might want to read the link (Angry Letter Monday) from the above photo at And Now I Blog. The author, who certainly has more fashion sense than I do -- and is young and hip -- makes wonderful fun of this atrocious fashion statement with a good dollop of truth in it too! 

source: yoga pants

 Okay, so the yoga pants look isn't as bad. Consider the fact that this wearer is likely a relatively in shape twenty-something. Now put these same pants on a forty-something. Many (I won't say most) forty somethings are not exactly in great physical shape like they were in their twenties. Yikes! I know because I own a similar pair (in slimming black, of course) and have taken the time to look at my caboose in the mirror while wearing them. Not exactly a pretty sight.

Seriously people! It's pathetic! With all the clothing choices out there, does one really need to wear their yoga pants, leggings, or (after some research), their tights ?!? as pants? In public? If you do, could you do the rest of the world a favour and at least wear a skirt, dress, tunic, or long sweater over it!? I have a teenage boy with healthy hormones. I have six young girls! Some of my daughters are far more impressionable than others. Now, it's not just going to the beach in the summer that greatly disturbs me, but just going out in public. What is this world coming to?

 P.S. One noted exception is under ski attire. Wearing leggings (or more so thermal underwear) is the way to go. So much more comfortable and warmer than regular pants, bulky sweatshirts etc.

If you're going to be on the slopes most of the day, you're bundled against the elements, and when you're resting in the chalet, you're usually still wearing your ski pants anyway -- except for the guy we saw who took thermal underwear a little too literally, but that's another story :o).

When swooshing the hills,  being comfortable is a wonderful thing!


  1. Preach it, sister. I am SO with you on this one!

  2. Being a teenage girl with a somewhat good fashion sense and LOVE of shopping...I will say this is a GREAT post! I am guilty of wearing leggings out in public ONE time and that will stay ONCE. Even though it was just around the house and to our small town grocery store. I wasn't as comfortable in my own skin that day, and thinking that skinny jeans are definitely the way to go instead of leggings.

    I do own a couple pairs of yoga pants, but after a year or so of washes they start to stretch and wear...so I choose not to wear them to school. Oh the beach...best I not get into that topic. :)

    You are a great role model and example to us girls...no wonder God blessed you with so many daughters!


  3. Amen! I pick up my 16 year old son from school and I'm tempted to walk into the office and inquire about the dress code... but being "one of those homeschool moms" whose kid only attends part time, I guess i won't make waves ;D

    But PREACH IT!


  4. Uck I hate this look also I wear leggings under tunics and dresses so no bum involved it is fully covered...I think that is how they look best ~Love Heather

  5. I agree with you!!! I only wear leggings UNDER my skirt on cold days... :) I'd never wear them alone.....


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