Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Keepin' It Real

The children are all home today due to a government imposed holiday called Family Day that came into effect a number of years ago now. Personally, I find it ridiculous. Every year by this point there has usually been at least one or two snow days, so the kids don't need a break, my husband still works because it is not a mandatory stat holiday, and really, what is there to do in the dead of winter unless money is not an object. Although I love my children, these days I find it a major adjustment every time they're home and it's not a weekend.

However, this past Saturday we discovered a moderately affordable winter thing to do that really our whole family can enjoy, but more on that in another post. Today is about keepin' it real.

Creative juices flow abundantly in our family (that and reading). Despite the abundance of creative juices, there is never an abundance of time, so my craft room becomes my children's dumping ground.

It drives me a little crazy, so today it's getting cleaned up. Or we're at least going to get a start on it. History Fair projects are due tomorrow for two of my girls. We've run out of tape, so until Daddy gets the message and lets us know that he can pick some up on the way home from work, I'm going to get them to help me in the craft room. I think I need more baskets....

Happy Monday! Are there any large tasks on your agenda today?


  1. Good luck on the craft room, and I hope the day turns out fun :D


  2. baskets are a great way to organize I think you should get some more as well and then you can label them. I use them all the time it has helped keep the clutter under control ~Good luck cleaning love Heather

  3. That is the most cheerfully colored mess I think I have ever seen. I love the bright colors. :)

  4. I hoep you have a satisfying sense of order by now!! Great room!

  5. My office/studio looks like that most of the time too, and I can't even blame it on having kids in the house! It's just "my spot" and the last place I ever bother to try to keep neat. I often think I should invite company to see what I've been working on once a week, just so I'll make the effort to put things away.


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