Monday, February 25, 2013

Baking Binge

Since the new year, I have been getting back into baking again. I really do love to bake, but these days my family eats it almost as fast as it cools and it really makes me wonder if it's worth all my time in the kitchen. I made some super delicious chocolate caramel pecan cookies on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday night they were all gone! (Except for the stash I hid to give away.)

Now mind you, there was, as seems to be the norm these days, extra children here off and on over various parts of the weekend, so that of course enables them to disappear even quicker.


Since it was a rather productive weekend all round in getting the house somewhat tidy and clean again, I had it in my mind that today I would bake. This morning, I managed to turn out 3 dozen mud pies, thicken the fruit for fruit crisp, make a dozen banana bran muffins, two dozen apple raisin bran muffins, and 7 dozen double chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks to friends of ours with chickens who are misbehaving these days -- they keep cracking their eggs and overproducing -- we have lots of eggs, which thrills me because we use a LOT of eggs in our home.

I'm still thinking we need to get our own chickens. Having the extra eggs allows me to bake and even freeze some of that baking provided I hide it before the children arrive home.

Between the morning and the afternoon, I cleaned up the disaster in the kitchen, fed the little one lunch, and started all over again. Another 1 1/2 dozen mudpies (I reduced the sugar in this batch. Shhhh, my kids don't know. They think they're good anyways.) A bread pudding, and well, that was the end of the baking. It was on to supper after that.


  1. I'm drooling looking at the photos! LOL!!!

  2. A baking binge is better than an eating binge, I suppose!
    What are mud pies? And may I just say your chocolate chip cookies look ever so delicious!
    Will you have time to share recipes? No pressure as I know how busy you are. I am simply amazed at all that you do in one day.
    We are sorry not to see the Engineer this next week but I am super excited about our trip to S.A.
    blessings and lots of love,

    1. Mudpies are sugar (of course) cocoa, oats, and coconut, cooked. It's a no bake recipe. I will try to get them posted on the other blog soon.

      Have fun in S.A!!

  3. Oh.... you are making me HUNGRY! YUM!



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