Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Finished Vase

As declared, here is the photo of the finished vase in its current home.

One thing I discovered, is that if you want those Epsom salts to be permanent (which I don't so I'm okay with the constant sprinkles), you're going to have to seal it with a spray glue to keep them in place. This is my winter motif on the mantel. White and silver. Simple. Clean. The only other area where I have some themed decor is in my laundry room.

If you're wondering about the yellow wire, that's what it is. Yellow wiring for technical stuff. Someday for the next homeowners maybe (?) a television can be mounted on the wall. The wiring is for the sound stuff, I think. I'm personally inclined NOT to have a television in this room at this time. You should see all the wires behind the canvas portrait!

There are a few more of these chilly fellows in various spots throughout the house, but the brunt of them hang out on my shelf in the laundry room. They usually make their appearance in late November and hang out until the end of January. They make up for the often snowless landscape we have here.

The last photo I post just because :o).

Do you decorate with the seasons? This is only my second year doing it, and it's been fun!



  1. Ooooo! Pretty! I love what you've done on the mantel, and I do see some snow out your window :D What a great idea to make your laundry room a cheery place... since I can imagine how much time you spend in there!


  2. Wow! It looks great. I'll have to try that sometime. I just love your mantel piece decorations. I usually keep up a couple of my decorations that have snowmen on it but that's it. Great job hiding the wires!
    Enjoy your Friday!!

  3. Very pretty Deborah! Your mantel is gorgeous!

  4. We do decorate a little bit for each season, it helps us to pretend and to feel a little more at home when we live overseas. Winter is our favorite season to pretend!

  5. That's so beautiful, Deborah. No, I don't do any seasonal decorating, other than Christmas. But this is sure inspiring. I guess I occasionally decorate for autumn, but that's about it. Yours is beautiful!


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