Monday, January 14, 2013

Knitting Up a Storm

Knitting is another one of those crafty things I like to do that realistically I haven't remotely mastered. I can get by with the basics, but that whole gauge thing they talk about. I still don't get that. I mean I get how to do it and why, but if my gauge isn't what they say it should be I don't know how to correct it. So in the end, I stick to basic patterns or make up my own and make sure they're small things so that gauge isn't an issue.

Most of these projects are made with leftover wool. The one above ended up being a bit of a dud -- unless you have a short, fat head :oO. I ran out of wool, so it's too short for its width. Does that make sense?

I adore the colours in this wool. This was from a pattern in a knitting book that I have misplaced. I am very sad about that because I was having so much fun working on the projects contained inside. I hope I find it back again soon!

Fingerless mitts also from the misplaced book.

My second time making that flower and I used the wool above that I adore. Bright Eyes LOVES this hat and claimed it as hers after modeling it for me.

It's just a simple rolled brim knit in the round. Quick and easy -- especially when you have enough wool.

Apparently if you are a teenage boy, this is how you should wear your toque. This one was started several years ago and as you can tell is now too small for Bub. It has been passed on to boys with smaller heads :o).

This is the first one in my Christmas series. (An idea I saw on Pinterest.) I haven't started another one since, so they'll likely be for next year.

 Cowls are really popular with the highschool girls. I whipped this one up (it went together really quick) for Peach in a matter of a couple days. It's that pom pom wool that's gaining popularity right now. It was a little tricky to work with at first, but once I got the hang of it, very fun!

 The Chicken Hat. This hat was made for a special friend of Bean's. He loves chickens and adores his hat. We've heard it rarely comes off his head. (Yes, this friend is a boy.)

Because Beans's friend got such a "cool" hat, Beans requested a pug hat for herself. I don't think it looks that pug-like, but like her friend, this hat is generally worn all day and every day. (See current family portrait in the header).

This was last week's project made while on The Chair. Next up, another dishrag, another cowl, and a wrap are all sitting on needles. If I remember, I'll get someone to take a photo of me in the cowl I originally made for Peach, but then permanently borrowed for me (it's so cozy), and a pic of the fingerless mitts I made for Bub.

Do you knit? What's on your needles?


  1. Amazing. When do you find the time to do this stuff? Oh, I forgot. The morning chair! That does it. I need to assign time to create something each day, even if it's just for an hour, or less.

  2. Multi-talented AND amazing... don't know how you do it, with seven kids ;D

    Well done!

    I've never knit a thing. Maybe someday...


  3. I wish I could knit or even crochet...all my friends can crochet and have been making TONS of "cowls" for themselves. We call them infinity scarves, because they're like a scarf but there is no end. :)

    Maybe Erin needs to teach me. My grandma just knit Erin, my mom, and I very intricate scarves for Christmas. I'm not quite sure how she did it, but I'll have to take a picture of it and show you.

    Your projects look amazing! I had to laugh at the way Bub wears his hat...that is very popular here too.


  4. Wow, Deborah! Look at you go! I love each finished project. I hope you find the book.

  5. Love the creativity and the finished results are gorgeous (of course it helps when your models are beautiful, too!).

  6. Love all of the stuff you're knitting, but I must say the chicken hat is my favorite!

    I'm working on pair of checkerboard socks for Will. If they work out, they'll be adorable. I'll post pix for sure if they do!


  7. You are very creative Deborah! I love what you have knitted!
    Cannot wait to see a pic of you in your cowl!


  8. Lovely!!! :) I've been dreaming of leaning how to crochet and then crochet some cute owl hats. :)

    I'll need to get on that soon, while it is still hat weather. :)

  9. Wow, Deborah, you're quite the prolific knitter! Those are fantastic projects. I especially love the headband, the mitts, and the next hat with the bright flower. And all the rest. Well done!!


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