Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And a New Year Begins

Well, here we are on day two of a new year. This morning I arose to a hungry dog and a quiet house of ten, yes, ten sleeping children. I've been sleeping horrible for almost two weeks, but finally last night I slept straight through. Funny thing is I feel very tired today. Hopefully tonight I will sleep straight through night again and maybe soon I'll feel a little more rested.

At the end of last week, I suffered a migraine attack again, and had to go in for a migraine shot. The two upsides to this were that with the two previous ones I did not have to go in for treatment, so in some ways maybe the pain is getting less severe (I can hope!), and even though I had to go in for a shot (and he gave me a narcotic med. which I don't tolerate well) in retrospect it was a good thing because I spent almost the entire day in a dozy, relaxed, semi-conscious albeit, nauseated state.  The pain was by no means gone, but I was able to rest which often doesn't happen when I have a migraine.

I blather about the migraine not to garner sympathy. It's been a fact of life for me for the past nineteen years and my physician doesn't give me any hope that they'll go away or improve any time soon. I've been to a neurologist and had an MRI, and there is no conclusive evidence that there is anything amiss. I have made this year THE YEAR of the anti-migraine. I am going to as much as possible try to keep what I know are my triggers down/away. That means for me: 1) drink lots of water, 2) get to bed by 10:15 and sleep 'til 6:30, 3) ditch the stress causing situations (hahaha, because this one is so easy), 4) minimalize the gluten and sugar in my diet, and 5) exercise daily.

So, it's not a resolution. I don't even think you can call it a goal. Rather, it's a driven desire. When I get a migraine, it really messes up daily life here -- and not just for one day, but sometimes up to five. I can't have that every six weeks with our large busy family. I have to get them more under control.

I have some other thoughts about the new year, but I'll leave them for another post.

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  1. I wish you energy and much success, Deborah! I am creeping slowly around everyone's new year posts, still smarting from a drudgery week of illness and confinement therefrom! All of us in one little house for a whole week, our true selves exposed! I think the sleep thing is key to us all!

  2. Oh Deborah... I always lamented to the kids that I wished I had a "Magic Mommy Wand" that could wave everything better. *sigh*

    Praying for a migraine-free year :D


  3. So nice to see you more often in "bloggy" world! Praying that those migraines decrease, but that you continue your reliance on the Lord through it all :-)


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