Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Sunday at Home

I am at home today with four coughing daughters and one who is just feeling very offish. I too have a touch of the cold that they have. Sore throat, sneezing, general stuffiness. I'm pretty sure none of the cold bearers are contagious anymore, but we do have many older congregational members who often sit near us, and I would rather not find out that they've caught a bug that we might have given them, so it's home we stay. I have to confess it's really kind of nice to still be sitting cozy in cotton, thick socks and my fuzzy pink housecoat on the very last day of Christmas break.

The children go back to school tomorrow. I am glad. It's been a very good two weeks, but they are starting to get bored and I am needing my space.

 Boredom makes some of them a little silly :o).

It is ridiculously hard to get anything cleaned and rooms made tidy with this many bodies in the house day after day. Happily this year we have snow, so they have been busy outside almost daily, despite the coughs and sniffles.

They're never out quite long enough for me to get any major cleaning done, but just enough to run the vacuum or scrub a bathroom on occasion. On Monday, I plan to don my winter coat and fumigate the place. I still have the "baby" at home, but she'll just have to wear her coat too.

Many of us have also been enjoying some extra screen time playing on the Wii, and watching the occasional movie.

Perhaps the most fun though has been playing this game:

Image: Anomia Press

I always thought we were a fairly quiet family (well, with the exception of our three youngest, but I'm either finally getting used to that, or they're getting better) until we played this game. It's a very noisy, easy, but fun game with no mad skillz required. I'm hoping we'll play a few more rounds of it this afternoon. 

The rest of the family has arrived home now, so I'm off to have a cuppa coca with the Engineer. May you have an enjoyable and restful day!


  1. A day at home sounds just perfect! Hope you're all feeling better soon, though.

    And don't forget to show us how your project turned out :D


  2. Hehee love the pics!
    Hope everyone feels better soon!
    Love the craft as well!
    I like your version...when I did this I used a clean empty wine bottle, sprayed it with white paint(stinky)after it dried sprayed glue (stinky and sticky) and then rolled it in epsom salts.

    Take care my sweet friend.

  3. Oh that game looks fun thanks for sharing...and I am quiet but my family is very loud hehehe Cute pictures Love Heather


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