Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Showoff Moment

I'm thrilled with the new look on my mantel and have to show it off! As most of you my regular readers know, our new additions have been home for almost eighteen months now, and our new addition has been officially completed for approximately the same amount of time.

 For the past eighteen months a very outdated photograph has sat upon the mantel. We finally got our act together and ordered a new one. As photographers, the excuse was not for lack of photos, but more like that phrase, "the cobbler's children have no decent shoes." In the business of shooting, processing, and printing photos for clients, you tend to leave your own photos to the end -- meaning getting to them never. We had some other canvases going off to print for clients, so we figured we'd do a big order and order one for ourselves too!

We knew what we wanted for a picture, but it meant forcing getting the kids out the door to go get it done. It's not so difficult when they know they don't have to actually look at the camera. It is said that every picture should tell a story and that's what we wanted to do. For us at least, this photo does exactly that. It tells a story of our love of the outdoors, afternoons on the beach, time spent together as a family. It's simple, but that's what our family time is about. Simple. Fun. We wanted it unposed and casual to create a sense of timelessness to the portrait. At the price of good canvas photos I want it to last a long time! Beautiful photos are expensive, as are excellent photographers. We have the advantage of being photographers, but even if we weren't, I would pay the money to have my family captured in print. After all, life changes so quickly. A moment captured is exactly that --  there one second and gone the next.

So, in my excitement at something accomplished, I had to share my showoff moment. Take photos, my friends! They don't all have to be portrait quality (honestly, mine aren't always either) because they will bring a smile to your face and special (perhaps sometimes even painful) memories to your heart to see how quickly life changes.

That being said, I don't know about you, but the autumn orange has to go!! Would you my American friends be disappointed if I removed it before your Thanksgiving? I won't put up anything Christmas-y yet, okay?



  1. Lovely, Deborah!
    You even got Mavy in the shot. I can see why you are so pleased.

  2. I just love it! It captures your children perfectly! Your work is amazing and I love checking out your photos. Keep them coming please!

  3. Love it, love it, love it! Hurray!

    And I'm cracking up about your pumpkins. I frequently wish our Thanksgiving was earlier. Not quite as early as yours, but earlier in November, anyway :D


  4. I adore that family photo. You had good reason to show off!

  5. Beautiful!!!

    I'm going to tuck that idea away in my head until next summer. I love the idea of how you did that picture. :)

    You have given me some ideas for our mantle, ours is in need of some tlc. :)

  6. We need to get together for lots of reasons, but I think a photo shoot would be a great excuse! Beautiful work and beautiful family :-)

  7. Well said, Deborah.

    You must get such swelling feelings every time you glance at these photos. Simply beautiful.

  8. I love it! Such a beautiful family!



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