Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Said I Would Post Photos

so here they are:

The grade 5/6 class went on a field trip to a local conservation area to learn more about habitats. Love this class. They are such fun, enthusiastic, and good listening kids! Above is Beans and her friend E recording their animal life finds in the water. Below is my little tag along and L, putting a leopard frog back into his habitat. These two were very enamored with the frogs.

April 26  was grandparents day at the girls' school. My parents went and had a wonderful morning with the girls and were able to see the morning performance of the school musical. Peach and Beans both had lead roles and share solos in one of the songs. I was blessed to watch the musical that night (the Engineer was flying home from Houston). It was wonderful!! For being a small school, the kids have a lot of talent! Grades Senior Kindergarten through grade 8 all participated whether it be with roles in the play itself, singing solos or singing in the choir. I loved watching the choir! Boys and girls from youngest to oldest sang their hearts out! It was such a gift to be a part of the audience!

Then on April 30, it was our GEMS awards night. Peach won the gold star. This the highest award given to a senior GEM (or counselor) that displays “gem-like” qualities/ kind, helpful, works on her own with badge work, takes an interest in others, takes somewhat of a leadership role, helpful, humble, seeks to do good...this is not only in “gem-time” but also in before and after, during outings . It's not even given out every year, so it is a real honour to receive this award.I know at home Peach displays these characteristics too. I know some days the girls wouldn't be on the bus on time if it weren't for their big sister!

The Engineer did a photo shoot of Bub. He's out grown (and apparently worn out) some more of his clothes and these were favorites. The jeans are so thin you can spit through them and the shirt was a Tee he bought in the Philippines last year. He's a bit of an activist, my boy. The shirt says, "Point the Guns Down." He was very sad to discover that his midriff peeks out.

Because the Littles adore being outside, I have spent several afternoon working in the gardens when time and weather has allowed. It has been a most beautiful spring. After abnormally warm temperatures in March, we dropped to below normal temperatures for most of April and what we've had of May too. It's made for lovely long lasting flowers and beautiful growing. This garden was a complete disaster. It hadn't been touched for several summers. I need to get an after photo yet, but I can say it's improved 100%! Obviously I have a helper. He's good at digging and finding (and eating, ugh)June bug larvae!

We've gone on several hikes to the back bush to enjoy the trilliums and other wildflowers like cranesbills that are beginning to make an appearance.

The little ones gave their rain gear a test run -- even though ten minutes later it was sunny and never rained the rest of the day. They had fun though and that's the main point.

We went geocaching and actually found all the caches we were looking for for the first time in a long time. Yes, some children did not think about proper footwear too carefully.

I finally took photos of my dream home.(It's not for sale.) Neither the Engineer nor I are gifted at home renos and this place would need pile and piles of work, but isn't it lovely!? Imagine what it must have been like in its glory days. I plan to research it once Peanut starts school in the fall.

Enjoying cut flowers in my window sill ;o).

Appreciating Beans taking a break from practicing for her grade four piano Royal Conservatory exam to help out her younger sister.

A tea party photo session with my two Littles.

A trip back to 1812 with the grade 7/8 class.

So there you have it, some catching up in photos. Lots more has gone on in the past few weeks, but this is all the photographed stuff  :o).




  1. Thank you, sweet friend , for throwing open the window of your life to allow your readers a gliimse of your world. How precious are your photos and what great memories for your children.
    And, yes, I love your house. Between my son in law and my hubby and you and the Engineer's designing talent....we could bring that old homestead to life again. What a wonderful dream!
    lots of love,

  2. YES! So good to see you back - even if briefly. The kids - all of them - are growing so fast.

    Thinking of you often,


  3. Lovely photos! What a great little catch up post!


  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I've missed you, as I'm sure everyone has. So good to see the kids again, and I'm glad you are still geocaching (though I wonder if they fight over who gets to hold the GPS). I just adore seeing the littles all dressed up in their fancy hats and dresses like it's time for High Tea! So cute!

  5. Great must be thinking the same thing when you see pictures of my kids...they are all growing so fast aren't they ....Congrats to Peach!! I know my oldest Noah is such a big help he is very obedient and always helps me when I need it and sometimes I just do need help. It is not always easy being a Mom. That house is just amazing Wow I would love to hear what you find out about it!! And yippee for finding Geocache we have not found a few recently sometimes they sure are tricky ~Enjoyed catching up with you xx Heather

  6. Wow! No wonder you've been away from the internet! Real life is so much more fun!

  7. So glad you were able to find some time to post, I was missing you.

  8. I just discovered you were back - been missing you!


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