Thursday, May 31, 2012


I don't think I've ever been through a spring  as crazy as this year. Wow! People often say to me, well, you have seven kids, so what do you expect? Adding three more has not added to the craziness of to and fro. With them, it's always being on top of what they're going to do next to push our buttons. That's not easy either and contributes greatly to mind exhaustion, but more than that is the constant taxiing of older children to and from activities which contributes to physical exhaustion. (I've become a firm believer in lists.) As they get older they get involved in so many more things. Good things, but things that require permission forms, money to be paid, dates to remember, driving all over, and juggling kids, carseats, and older siblings to look after younger ones.

 The pool is up. At a temperature of shall we say, Frigid!, it'll be awhile before you catch me in it. The girls don't seem to mind though!

As of today, I have to get through about three more weeks of craziness. Thirteen more days of making lunches. (I get two off because The Engineer and I are on a class trip. Thank you Mom and Dad for kid sitting!) So, three girls are off to District Field Day by 6:30 am tomorrow, two children off to their jobs on Saturday, a photo session (weather permitting), a Company picnic, church, another photo session, grad prep for the committee (which reminds me I still have some other alterations to do for Peach), a class trip with historical dress requested (better find the sewing machine), another three day class trip which The Engineer and I get to attend (the {dis}advantages of a twelve passenger van), soloing parenting for a week again, shuffling to and from jobs, and praise team practice, an eye doctor's appt., a graduation, two more days (after the graduation) of school for the younger crowd, and then FINALLY, we are free!!! Well, sort of. Then the summer busyness begins. It's a different kind of busy though. I say, "Bring on summer!!"



  1. Whew, you are ARE busy! It even made me tired reading your list--ha! Hang in there! Summer's coming. :)

  2. Whew!! You ARE busy! I can understand the "you have so many kids" thing too. Someone we knew was having their fourth, and we jokingly asked if they would have anymore. They said "oh no we won't have that many". But really, we only have 1 more child than them.

    I bet you can't wait for summer, even though a different crazy will begin. I'll be praying for all the traveling.


  3. Wow! I'm taking a nap right now, thank you very much. Exhausted from just reading about your schedule.
    I'm pretty excited with you for the summer!
    Thinking about you these next three weeks.

  4. Oh my! Sounds like you need a summer vacation!


  5. Definitely time for summer break - hope it's a good one :D


  6. I think I better get to bed, there's so much to do! :)

    Wowza! Summer can't come fast enough I'm guessing? By the grace of God, it will all work out. :)

    Glad to see the kids enoying the pool!

  7. Oh my! I feel tired just reading that!!! I will be thinking of you the next few weeks. I'm sure you'll breathe a sigh of relief when summer comes!

  8. I agree, "Bring on the summer!"

    And they do not look cold at all. Yet I know they must be because even here in the south the pool water is cold.


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