Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Your Average Friday

10:26 am A post full of randomness and possibly no sense. I'm taking a break with a cuppa Chai. I'll write for a bit and then off to wash floors. Spring break begins today at 2:43 (give or take a few minutes) for me. That's when Bub and his friend F come off the bus.

I promised myself I will have the main floor and basement clean before they get home. I'm not sure who I'm kidding, because so far I've only partly cleaned one bathroom and got sidetracked by painting a dresser. Yep! That's how I roll! Totally scatterbrained.

6:01 pm So any guess as to what was clean when the boys arrived home? I'll give you the answer. The bathroom, the mudroom,  and the kitchen floor. That's all. I forgot I had a meeting at noon today, so I had to quick get cleaned up and then feed Peanut and I, and get out the door. When I got home, I got Peanut settled in front of the Teedy Bear (Little Bear) and got back to work in between fielding phone calls.

Right now Bub, F, and Peach are getting ready to head out the door to a dodgeball night at the church. The youth were to come up with a team and costumes. The rest of their team is meeting them there. Peach gets to go because they needed another girl because technically she's not in youth yet. They are going as the Justice League. Bub is the Green Lantern. F is Wolverine, and Peach is Black Widow.

A warm thank you to all of you who thought I was just one of the girls :o) in my previous post. I think I will have to wear pony tails all the time :oD -- especially seeing as I have another birthday in less than a week. We were dressed up for a Girls Night Out for GEMS. It was team night. The idea was that mothers and daughters would dress up as teams. I was procrastinating horribly on this one as we don't own a single solitary team shirt with a number on it. We debated wearing some of Bub's jammers and goggles and going as a swim team since we have lots of swimming paraphernalia, but we somehow we knew that wasn't going to fly that night. Soooo, in a fit of desperation, I came up with The Skunks. Our leg warmers were from the dollar store. We taped numbers on the back of white t-shirts with electrical tape and the Engineer quickly printed off a logo for us which we taped on with electrical tape. We were having so much fun at home getting ready that we forgot to leave on time and arrived late, but not so late we couldn't have fun with the rest of the girls. We played Minute to Win It type games. Our table had a fantastic time. We even got a first place in one of the events, but I can't remember which one because I spent so much of the evening laughing.

Speaking of swimming, Bub and F swam two relays at provincials this week. They placed fifth in one race and fourth in the other. They were favoured to win gold in the freestyle relay after getting the fastest preliminary time, but a goggle malfunction by one of the boys landed them in fourth. The consolation is that they still had THE BEST time in the freestyle relay. They were three whole seconds faster than the next fastest team and that time was still the fastest time even after the final race. Happily, I think they will all be swimming again next year.

Report cards came home for the girls. They all did very well. The little girls are continuing to improve every day. It helps that they all have fantastic teachers that they enjoy! Their teachers and the school environment have helped make the adjustment from homeschooling or in the little girls case, little to no schooling.

I am still trying to decide if I actually have asthma or just a severe allergy to cats. We go to friends of ours every week for music lessons. They now have a cat. She is adorable.

I have to resist with everything I have not to play with her. This week I didn't start feeling a reaction until shortly before it was time to go home. That is almost three hours. Today though (as it always does after exposure to cats), it sounds like a smoker has taken up residence in my body. Gross!! My chest hurts off and on and the coughing comes and goes. By tomorrow afternoon, I should be back to normal again. It would be nice to know if I am actually asthmatic or not because if I'm not then I can go on beta blockers as a migraine prevention. If I am asthmatic though, the beta blockers can be fatal. It is a complex process to determine if I'm asthmatic, so until I have a true blue asthma attack, I will be unable to go on beta blockers and will have to continue to live with being hit with a steam roller approximately every six weeks. Right now I am trying feverfew for migraines . I am hoping and praying it will work!

The four oldest girls auditioned for the school play this week. Peach got the lead roll in the play and Beans got one of the other primary rolls. It makes me smile because they are so not me. I never did anything like that in school. I never even considered it. Their dad on the other hand can still recite his lines from the play he was in when he was in grade school.

Peach is working during March break. Bub is not because he holds his job at the library and working in the greenhouse would interfere with his job hours at the library. It will be interesting to see how Peach handles working for five days (provided the work lasts that long). Truthfully I was dreading March break from the time the kids all went back to school. I was really hoping for snow to keep the kids busy, but now that that's not going to happen, I will have to come up with something else to keep me from going insane them amused.

This next photo just makes me happy! I heard and then managed to find the first arrival on March 1st! That's the earliest ever! Last night there were about sixteen of them hopping about the lawn. If they don't scream spring then I don't know what does, because to me the American Robin is the official herald of spring!

Oh and this photo was taken this morning. You know, when I was painting the dresser --  instead of cleaning my house.

Well, that's it for my randomness although I'm sure as soon as I publish this I'll think of ten more things I could add because that's how I roll :o).

Happy Friday evening!


  1. Happy weekend to you, my friend!
    I love your post! And your team very clever! And you really did look like just another young girl. So glad you all had a great time.
    I'm on spring break, too. Wish I could be there this week to help you with the littles and to give you and the Engineer a nice over night break!!! Maybe you can come with him next week and I can show you how lovely our city is during these few weeks of spring that we are blessed with. Maybe some day!
    I'm taking my momma to see her sister in Dallas. She lives in a retirement community.

  2. Oh, I forgot to comment on Bub and Peach! What handsome kids you have...they are certainly growing up so fast! Im sure Peach will do fine working all week.
    Congratulations to Bub for a great showing with his swim team.

  3. That kitty is CUTE! What a cute little dresser, too!
    Have a great spring break. Mine is in two weeks! Yahoo! Off to California! I can't wait!

  4. I hope you're spring break is lovely, even without snow to entertain them all! Love that first robin, too :)

  5. Oh what a fun, and busy week you've had! I love their outfits and can I say that your Peach can definitely pull of leggings. :)

    Hope that dresser is coming along, and I can't wait to see our first robin either.

    Today it was so nice we didn't need jackets, the temp was about 60F, we wore short-sleeve shirts and sandals.


  6. Ha. I noticed the extra girl in the picture and just assumed it was one of their friends. :) Love the dresser. Who's the lucky owner, or was there a battle over that?
    My son used to have an asthma attack everytime he entered a home with a cat, even if he never saw the critter. He was treated for allergies for many years. The allergy triggered the asthma.

  7. I love your newsy randomness :D

    Sorry about the allergy/asthma/whatever-it-ends-up-being misery.

    What play are the girls doing?



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