Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am NOT a Shopper

But this is fun!

I can shop for hours with out spending a cent and create the cutest outfits no matter how much they cost. Now this is shopping :o)!

It's another beautiful day here, so I'm off to work out, get some things tidied up, and spent the afternoon outdoors. It is said that over the rest of the week the temperature will slowly be dropping, so I'm going to enjoy the last of this summer weather in March while I can!

Happy day to all!


  1. Deborah, I want that outfit. Oh, it is sooooo cute. I absolutely love polka dots.
    Have fun on this beautiful, warm day.

  2. I want to see a picture like this, click on a button stating the sizes I need, and then have it arrive at my door in a week. That would be my ideal way of shopping....but I would be spending some cents, that is for sure. =)

  3. Deborah,
    Though I've been quiet lately, I have been loving your posts ... your words have a way of making me smile :)
    Let's see...
    Loved your 9 months post - thanks for sharing real life with us/me.

    The weather and outside activity looks glorious ... way to enjoy the sweet moments together!

    I'm envious ... your finding time to work out & looking great (I can see it in your "pigtails & girls pic) Good for you!

    Happy Birthday Friend!!!! Happy you found even a little time to celebrate YOU!

    Always look forward to catching up with you...

    Happy Spring,

  4. Great! Another thing to help me spend hours of time doing nothing. LOL. great site.

  5. I seriously want that outfit! So cute! I'll totally buy it, if you can do a photo session for me in it. :)

    Thanks to you, I've registered and love it!


  6. This is brilliant! And I love your look...

    I had a friend who once taught me to enjoy catalogs when they came in the mail. Make choices. Fill out the order form and put it in an envelope with the amount of cash needed written on the outside of the envelope. Don't send it for a couple of days. Nine times out of ten, you just toss the whole thing. It was great advice in the days before Pinterest...

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Oh super cute love this outfit I would wear this for sure...hmmm making me think I need to sew myself a cute polka dot dress :) ~Love Heather

  8. Great look! I like your type of shopping.


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