Sunday, March 4, 2012

1000 Gifts

This has been worked on since the beginning of the month of February. It was a post I forgot to publish, so now I'm just continuing it.

1255 Post exam lunch treat with my Boy.

1256 He passed French by the skin of his teeth!

1257 A successful dental trip with Bright Eyes.

1258 A winter cold that was only really bad for one day.

1259 Tissues for dripping noses.

1260 Lots and lots of liquids -- both hot and cold.

1261 Lots of good eats made to be shared.

1262 Safe travels to Collingwood,ON and back.

1263 Safety on the slopes.

1264 The wonderful group of grade 10 youth that our son spends time with.

1265 I'm thankful there is no pairing off and that boys and girls alike simply enjoy spending time being with each other.

1266 Yet another week of mostly mild weather.

1267 A smaller than normal grocery bill.

1268 Flowers blooming in winter :o).

1269 Excellent medical care.

1270 Continued good driving weather.

1271 Vacation time for my parents.

1272 Seven healthy children. Yes, we have continual sniffles and coughs running through the house, but it doesn't seem to slow anyone down -- except for the odd missed day here and there so they don't infect their classmates.

1273 Good friends that my girls love to spend time with as often as possible.

1274 Pets. I do believe the quote, "until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" is true. There is nothing quite like having a warm breathing ball of fur to whine to, or rant at, that simply continues to wag its tail and breathe dog breath all over you. That quote is by Anatole France.

1275 Knowing with complete confidence that God planned three little girls for our family. Despite many habits and behaviours that drive me crazy with them, I still see regularly that they are exactly who God planned for our family!

1276 Early bedtimes for young ones who really need it.

1277 A fun shopping excursion with my two oldest.

1278 Making due with the food on the shelves and in the freezer. Challenging, but fun!

1279 Getting small projects completed.

1280 Feeling like I'm getting caught up on a few things again.

1281 A day bright enough and mild enough to hang laundry on the line.

1282 Parents who arrived home safely from their vacation.

1283 Children who love to read.

1284 Kids who are healthy again.

1285 Antibiotics.

1286 Sweet after church fellowship with church family.

1287 Children who think about and discuss issues of social justice. (More on this in a later post).

1288 Daffodils that are poking their first leaves out of the ground.

1289 Evening sunshine dancing off the trees in the back yard.

1290 Hearing and seeing the first spring robin on March first. The earliest I've ever marked that one on the calendar!

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.  ~Jean Baptiste Massieu

Have a blessed week, dear readers!


  1. I'm making do here right now- rest of chicken chopped and ready for mango curry tomorrowe after swimming, and carcass bubbling with lentils and back of fridge veg for soup for me for rest of week!! Did I tell you I was a French teacher- so well done, the Boy! Keep him going et bon courage! I think I have your postal address on the Willows address sheet- will check tomorrow! Not so many daffodils here yet, but they are coming! I don't think I'll ever be able to tell you my dad's quote about pets! Suffice to say we don't have any!!

  2. These are great things to be thankful for! I'm glad that your kiddos are healthy (mostly), and that the dentist went well. I also love shopping with my sister Erin and my mom! Early bed time is so great!

    I love that you're thankful for the teenage guys and girls that can hang out with needing attention from certain people. It's something I really look at. Just because you're a certain age doesn't mean you need a boyfriend or girlfriend. I personally think it's more fun hanging out as friends in a group. :)

    Blessings to your week as well, and continue to read those books. ;)

  3. Lovely list... I need to get back into sharing my lists again... :)


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