Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Queen of Grand Ambitions

I don't know what I was thinking when I decided I would make cookies for the girls to take to school for Valentine's day. Thankfully I had the foresight to quadruple the batch. In the end I needed ninety two cookies to bake and ice for school. So. not. smart. Don't get me wrong, I love to bake -- and ice cookies, but ninety two times (plus the extra twenty five or so to use up the last of the icing) gets to be a little ridiculous.

I DID say I would be busy until this evening, didn't I :o)?

Oh and here are the two completed Valentine projects I made:

This wreath is supposed to be in the shape of the heart, but I think I needed to make it bigger to give it the full effect. I also need to finish cutting all the ribbon ends on an angle. First I have to find my little cutting scissors though....

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That is a LOT of cookies! (And very cute!)

    I'm glad you're getting to do some fun projects, too :D


  2. WOWzers! You REALLY were busy! My hat off to you girl. Oh if you made the ribbon heart bigger it would be sooooooooo cute. As I said you have been VERY creative lately. Thank you so much for sharing all these pics with us. ((HUGS))

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  3. Wow, that's A LOT of cookies! So awesome! Love how you even personalized each one. You have a beautiful heart, Deborah.

  4. WOW!! You are amazing!! Everything turned out beautiful! Love it. :-)

  5. Wow! That is a lot of cookies to make and ice. Plus you added name tags and put them all in bags? You ARE ambitious! Great job!

    I loved those projects you finished! Beautiful!


  6. I'm in love with that framed "love is..." You are so talented. And one of those cookies would taste yummy with my coffee right now...never mind that it's not on my fast!
    Your kids have the best mom ever!!!
    love to you all,

  7. So many cookies! Haha. You're a great mom though. Your kids won't forget this.

  8. Wowzers! That is a LOT of cookies. I had to make 2 dozen and was tired.

  9. You are Amazing! Did you do all those cookies without the help of the children? I didn't make any this year as there was a bad bug in the house and I didn't want to accidentally share that along with the cookies. But even so, I find it so much easier to make this sort of cookie with a helper...even a little one that can paint the icing on the still warm cookies while I cut out another batch.

  10. your projects are adorable..i may have to use your ideas. And the cookies look yummy....nothing says lovin' like something the oven :)

  11. I literally got tired looking at all those cookies! Marathon cookie baking and decorating overwhelms me.

    However, your cookies are beautiful! So are your projects.

  12. What a large batch of cookies!!!! They sure look delicious and your girls will always have fond memories of them!!

    I really liked the heart picture you made! What a lovely idea!! Can you share how you did it?? I can picture one hanging here on our house. :)


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