Saturday, February 25, 2012


It seems I fell off the blogging bandwagon again. It was totally not planned, but then neither were three days of fighting a painful migraine. Three rounds of i.v. meds later and another day of laying around, and I'm back to normal. It's amazing how when I feel good again, I feel soooo good. It feels wonderful to feel healthy and energetic instead of thinking, "oh just shoot me now!" I know awful thought, but I would really rather give birth than have a migraine and I have given birth four times so I do remember what that feels like!

My boy swam at SWOSSAA on Thursday with his relay team. They placed first in one race and second in the other one. He was less than happy with his individual races, but he continues to work hard and improve his times. Regardless, there are five of them going off to OFSAA. (Yes, I spelled both acronyms wrong in the photo).

One does not realize how much stuff they do in a given day until they feel too rotten to do anything. Oh dear! The house is a disaster! Maverick has started shedding his winter coat. On any given day, enough fur collects to create a small puppy, but after this week, I'm pretty sure there are three of him floating about the house.

My microwave looks like I never clean it. Who knew that it gets that dirty that quickly when I'm not around to at least give it a quick wipe. I guess we use it way more than I think I do.

Every week there seems to be one or two days where I have to take someone somewhere during the day. This week it was the little ones as they needed to go for another round of immunizations. I also had the youngest two at the hospital to have their coughs checked. They have bronchitis -- which was no surprise considering the nasty sound of those coughs. No scripts though, just lots to drink and warm honey water as recommended by the physician.

There will be some running around this weekend again of course. Peach needs her glasses fixed and wants some paint for a project she is working on these days. I have to pick up a few groceries. As usual it will also be time to attack Mt. Laundry again. I'm beginning to long for spring! It would be so nice to be able to hang some loads on the line to dry. Oh well, it IS almost March! Can you believe it?!? Where did February go??



  1. God bless you, good Deborah. I'm so sorry you suffered such a long migraine. I'm so happy that you are feeling your peppy self again.
    Labs DO shed more than other dogs, don't they?
    What a swimmer you have there! How fun to watch him do so well!
    I wish for spring, too. It's cold here and we had another snow storm the other day so now the icebergs are reinforced. Sad face.
    Sending love and hope your way, friend!

  2. So glad you're feeling better, Deborah! Migraines don't sound like fun... I was chatting to a friend this week who also suffers from migraines. :-(

    Congrats to your boy and his swim team for the win & for moving on to the Ontario competitions!

    Praying that your little two recover fast from their coughs. I, too... am looking forward to March's arrival! Spring!!!

  3. Wish I had a magic wand for those migraines... BE GONE!

    Well done, Bub, and good luck at the next level :D And hope the girls feel better soon - I've been down, too :o(


  4. Oh, dear friend, my heart hurts for you to know you suffered such a debilitating migraine. I'm grateful you are better.
    How wonderful that Bub works so hard to achieve his goals....I think you all are doing such a good job.
    If you lived here, you would already be experiencing spring. Thursday it was 80 degrees.

  5. Oh no I am so sorry to hear this!! But I get those nasty headaches so I know exactly what you are talking about. Praying everyone is on the mend!! Enjoyed the swim pictures....and if you think Maverick is shedding I should show you what Bear's massive shed off looks like lol I think it would make you feel much better hehehe I am wondering why I have a long haired German Shepherd....when I specifically bought a poodle before hand because they don't shed!! Oh that will be a mystery to me hehehe ~Have a great rest of the weekend hope it is headache free Love Heather

  6. I hope you'll be fit and well and happy this week. You are very right on the household front- today got back from one little break away last night- and will spend all of tomorrow catching up here! Very talented family you are!

  7. Oh those stinking' migraines! I'm glad that you're feeling better now!

    Good for him! I can't believe that the swim season has already started!

    I can't believe February is almost over either! It's crazy! I'm so ready for Spring - one more month. :)



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