Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So the Dutch dude arrived late yesterday afternoon. He brought with him Dutch treats, chocolate letters, and Christmas socks -- or if you were the sole boy, new gloves. Some children got ornaments for the tree too. First Christmases (in Canada) and other monumental things such as champagne birthdays or teenagerhood. Fun stuff!

Then it was inhale supper and off to GEMS. Some days I think I'd much prefer a cabin in the wilderness -- even if it meant Sinterklaas couldn't find us. Although I'm sure he has GPS now!


  1. Can you adopt me too!??? How fun! I really like that tradition. I also like the cabin on the woods idea. Let me know if you find a two for one deal. I'm in!

  2. We used to do this with our kids, but the last few years, one Christmas is about all I can manage! Looks like your kids were happy! Great pictures (as always)!

  3. Does Santa Claus come back at Christmas, too?

    Happy St. Nicholas Day!


  4. Oh that's so fun!!! I hope that your Wee Three are enjoying the festive Christmas holiday celebrations so far! :)

    Have a great night, and get plenty of rest!


  5. I love your tradition on this day!

  6. Fun!

    What is a "champagne birthday"?


  7. Frances, no Santa does not come back. We do open a few more gifts closer to Christmas, and there are stockings on Christmas Day, but otherwise, he's not mentioned anymore. Poor Santa :o)!

    Julie, my understanding is that a champagne birthday is for example when I turned fourteen on the fourteenth. I don't remember where I learned it, so maybe I dreamed it? I sometimes do odd things like that and totally think its real. Anyway, my kids now get an ornament on their champagne birthday. The two little ones being the 3rd and 4th of their respective months needed to get theirs this year.


  8. Oh, and Annesta! I'll keep my eye out for our wilderness cabins :o)!!

  9. Our tennis shoes for St. Nicholas day didn't look nearly as cute as your boots. Do you guys celebrate St. Lucia's Day, too?


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