Wednesday, December 28, 2011

(Not Quite) Wordless Wenesday

The between Christmas and New Year's hangout. We're all enjoying doing a whole lotta nothing. Even Maverick has a favorite spot soaking in as much heat as he can. (More about our new fireplace later).

Hope you are all having a relaxing week!


  1. I would love to be cuddled up on your couch right now reading a book while the snow was falling outside. Sounds pretty good!!! I hope you get the chance to do just that!

  2. Lovely and comfy! I'm sitting next to Amy in Kona as I'm perusing my favorite blogs and we are remember the very sweet time we had with you all.
    I love the stockings on the windows.
    I thought about you on boxing day. We were traveling that day.
    Hope this week is a wonderful.
    Hugs from Amy and me to all of you!

  3. I love having quilts, throws, and comforters strewn about, but Bill always folds them and sometimes even sneaks them to the basement, out of sight! I do think Maverick needs a furry brother. I wish I could have one! Well, until I'm all cozy in the wing chair by the window and the puppy wants out!

  4. What a comfortable looking space! Looks like the kiddos will be (or probably already have) building forts!

    Can't wait to hear all about your new fire place. What a great addition!


  5. What a lovely place to do a lot of nothing. Everybody needs days like that :-)

  6. Looks like the perfect place to hang out and relax!

  7. Oh that looks like a very nice spot tell maverick I am jealous hehehe.....happy new year ~love heather

  8. I'd be happy to hang out there! And you have SNOW!


  9. Mav has definitely found a perfect spot to hang out!

  10. It is good to have time to just relax and do nothing. :)


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