Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A (Mostly) Terrific Tuesday

How can it not be a good day when you wake up to this kind of beauty. The only battle today was about hair brushes. Even though there are several of them, with six girl heads, there never seem to be enough -- especially when one daughter decides to pack one in her backpack so she can do her hair on the way to school.

The two little girls and I went off to Coffee Break for our last one for this year. They LOVE going to the Story Hour part! Their teachers are awesome and always have so much for them to do and learn.

After a time of devotions, singing Christmas carols, and prayer, we enjoyed special treats

The candles were lit after I had taken the photo.

and made a fresh greens centerpiece for our homes. Ohhhh, I love this sort of thing!

This is not mine. The bow is too pretty.

Even better, we had a very talented lady teaching us how to do this. Although making a pretty bow is still Greek to me.

After Coffee Break we headed out to some errands. First off was the OPP office (Ontario Provincial Police) to pick up some forms that allow me to do volunteer work in our church and school. The girls chatted with one of the lady officers there while I waited for some corrections to be made on my form (they had a wrong birth date and postal code). She gave them OPP tattoos which they had to model after their showers tonight.

Oh they are such tough chicks :o)!

After some groceries in there, we also went to the girls' school to pick up the poinsettia fund raiser plants. I didn't want red this year.

So I got pink!

After some lunch, the girls and I worked on some crafts from their teachers at Story Hour.

Bright Eyes has the most incredible fine motor skills I have seen in any of my children. She is meticulous!

Gramma joined us. (I think she wanted her {red} poinsettia really bad)! And because it was our Squirt's birthday yesterday, she wanted her to have her gift.

One special thing in that bag is a double stroller (miniature) from one of her Loving Family sets that she asked her Grampa to fix a looong time ago. She was thrilled to discover that he fixed it. Grampa strikes again! Like me as a child, my children believe that he can fix anything :o)!


  1. Oh what a fun and busy day! That sunset is gorgeous! On the way to school, I always regret not bringing my camera. Although the last two days have been soooo dull and dark. Ahh hairbrushes... :)

    That photo of the girls with their tattoos is really cute! "Tough chicks" indeed! :)

    Wish Squirt a happy birthday from me! Such a special girl... It's her first birthday being a big sister with her sisters actually home! ( I know she was really a big sister in her heart before they were home)

    Blessings to a great Wednesday,

    P.S. lol word verification: food (I could go for some right now... Not a good thing)

  2. Looks like you guys had a busy and productive day!

  3. Thanks for such a great post.
    Happy birthday to your sweet squirt...hugs from your Texas friends.
    Your wee ones are just blossoming...so wonderful to see. A picture of God's redemption.
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I found your blog on another site. So wonderful to read about your family's journey to your girls. Our family is in the process of adopting from the Philippines as well. We're settling in for the long wait as soon as our dossier leaves our agency which should be any day now. We'd love any tips from any angle you care to give us: helping with attachment (my greatest concern), traveling with them (Lord willing, we are also bringing all our kids!), the transition for your biological children, etc.

  5. Sounds like a lovely full day! Beautiful pictures and I can't make pretty bows either. :) So you are not alone!!


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