Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chicken Pox

We got 'em! I never thought about the fact that I would have to go through another round of children with chicken pox. It's hitting Bright Eyes' class hard. Three in one day have come down with them! I'm expecting that Bella and Peanut will eventually break out too. There is also a possibility that Squirt will get them. She was my brand new born when we went through round one of chicken pox. Beans was the last of the three of them to break out and she did so just four days after Squirt was born. Eventually I had Squirt vaccinated, but now I've heard that they need two vaxes for it to be fully effective. I'm hoping that IF Squirt does get them that hers will be mild. She's my little drama professional, so I can only imagine that it will be like she is the first ever person in the world to have them. What a girl!!

They don't seem to be phasing Bright Eyes too much although more keep appearing by the hour. We'll see how it goes...

Happy afternoon!


  1. Hi Deborah.

    Our doc said the booster shot is given at the 10yr mark. So Squirt should still be fully protected from her 1st shot.


  2. Wow, chicken pox. That's not something we've ever dealt with (if we're not counting my own as a kid!) Is it cornstarch baths or oatmeal baths that help....?

  3. Oh nooooooo!

    Well, better now than later, and they'll be over it before the holidays.

    Persevere, my dear friend,


  4. Ah, poor kids. Worse even, poor you! And I guess that means they didn't get to go trick or treating either. :( I was wondering what the new kids thought of that experience. Sigh.

  5. Bon courage. Lots of cool drinks and rest. And nice cream to rub on. Good book with nice pictures. And that's just for you!

  6. Oh that's no fun... I really hope you can keep the breakouts just within your kiddos that currently have them.

    We've never had them, and I got my last booster shot at age 13 so I hope I never get them.

    Has Squirt ever had them before? I thought that if you had them once, you can't get them again? ...maybe not.

    Blessings and praying you're ALL better soon,

  7. Oh, no! We've managed to avoid them so far, but I got them in a big and bad way when I was a kid. Hope the cases are mild.


  8. Sorry to hear this Deborah....prayers that all goes well as can be expected in the next few weeks.

  9. Oh no! I hope it is quick and there is not much suffering. When it went through three of my kids each successive case was worse than the one before. The girls were especially miserable....but you know...I am so glad they got it over with before they were adults and we didn't have to fiddle around with that vaccine.

  10. Oh no!! praying it will be a mild run of it through your house!! and hopefully you will be able to keep the girls comfortable. I will be praying ~Love Heather

  11. Oh no! Hope she's doing well and not feeling too terribly rotten.


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