Friday, November 18, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 13 Bedroom 1)

What is it with children and messy rooms? I'm after them as much as possible to keep their rooms clean, but sometimes I just give up.

Peach is fairly orderly, but her room gets away on her on occasion. Because it was a PD Day today and she was off at Gramma and Grampa's, I took the opportunity to get at her room. (Meanwhile Squirt and Beans began working on theirs). I did leave some stuff for her to do yet when she arrives home again, but it's nice to see her bed, floor, and the top of her dresser again.

While I was cleaning her room I thought of something that I had planned to put on the blog, but never got around too. Peach is my naturally crafty child (although I would have never believed it when she was younger).  In keeping with the horsey them of her room, she decided to decorate her lampshade.

Isn't it pretty? She really enjoyed making it.


  1. Good for her - the lampshade is really cute :D

    And good for you, inspiring me at my house, too! I just had my boys clean off the tops of their dressers yesterday morning, and we've done their floor and under their beds today. Going to put on the flannel sheets, next :D


  2. I LOVE her lampshade! So pretty, and creative! Tell her hi, when she returns home. :)

    Great job! I'm sure she'll be surprised and glad to see it when she's home. I'm pretty similar to her. I'm orderly, but I can definitely get away on my messes. (Usually on weekdays, when I'm at school and am preoccupied by homework.)


    Can't wait to see the other bedrooms.

  3. I love the lampshade. It has inspired me to do something like that for an art journal entry.
    As for kids and messy rooms, I solved that problem by simply stating that Garbage Day is Wednesday and I'll be in your room on Tuesday. Anything left out will end up in the garbage. To this day I still find bits of paper stashed in books and such. Treasures my autistic son wanted to make sure didn't disappear. :) (He's been on his own for over 20 years now).


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