Thursday, November 17, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 11 Kitchen Appliances)

I cleaned out the refrigerator and scrubbed the ovens yesterday. You can tell they're still new. It didn't take me long because of dirt, but rather because of size. I didn't realize how big our fridge is! I only had to throw out two expired things in the fridge which was good. It means for the most part, I know what's resting in its caverns.



The ovens were pretty easy to clean because I haven't done anything that likes to splatter all over them such as a whole chicken. Chicken and turkey roasting time is coming though... I just used a steel scrubber and some elbow grease. Then I rinsed them both well with water.

I discovered that the easiest way to clean the racks, is to lay a towel in the bath tub, put the racks in, and fill the tub to covering with hot water and some Melaleuca Tough and Tender. I left them to soak while I worked on the oven scrubbing and general kitchen tidying.

When I came back, I used my steel scrubber again, but very little elbow grease. Most of the yuck soaked right off. I pulled them from the tub drip dried them for a bit and put them back in the oven. Everything is so clean and shiny :o)!! I should clean my ovens more often ;o)!


  1. You're inspiring me! It all looks lovely :D

  2. That is on my very long to do list for this weekend!
    Have to get ready for the holidays....

  3. But what about the residue in the bath??? I love you rfridge, both before and after!

  4. How cool seeing "my" refrigerator on your blog, except I do believe yours is neater. This is one of my life's challenges, keeping a neat and clean refrigerator.


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