Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Room Totally Complete

Several of you have asked to see photos of our reno/addition. Everything is done -- with the exception of our fireplace, but we haven't decided what we want for a mantle there yet anyway, so it can sit. It gives heat and that's good.

What isn't done is the decorating. I have blank walls everywhere. I have some ideas, but still more blank walls than ideas. Finally there's the little problem of cash, but we won't go there. That being said, the kitchen is the first and only room that is completely finished. Simply because nothing needs to go on the walls.

So without further ado, the kitchen before:

The kitchen now:

Just a little different, yes :o)?

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you may remember that I didn't want to redo the kitchen. Never mind that it was actually rotting and falling apart. The Engineer wanted it done. So I gave in with the agreement that it had to be simple, functional, and very easy to clean! I got what I had hoped for. The designer and company we worked with were fantastic! It was almost like the designer climbed inside my head and understood what I wanted.

Finally, here one of two of my favorite things in our new kitchen:

The front bin is garbage and the back bin is recycling.

How cool is that?!? (I know. I don't get out much!)

The other was our big splurge, but it really makes sense with nine people in the house:

Happy dance!! I have not one, but two convection ovens! I can have multiple trays of cookies baking in one and multiple pies baking in another. The possibilities are endless! We use both of them a lot, so it was definitely a wise splurge. The one thing that did not change is the dishwasher. We live by the motto, "if it's not broken, you don't fix it". Unlike our fridge and range, our dishwasher is still relatively new. Our fridge and range were dead or dying, but the dishwasher runs great! Soon enough it will croak too and I can go to black. Did you know that appliances are only designed to last ten years nowadays, and even less with a large family? Crazy! I'm glad we got the twenty something years we did out of our previous appliances.

Well, there you have it, that's our new kitchen.

What is your favorite thing about your kitchen?


  1. Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe how different it looks! Beautiful, beautiful choices for your cupboards, and the black makes the room look so cozy! :)

    I love our counter tops, and our cupboards. Since we've moved, there is so much more space, and our counters aren't white and stained from the many messes of kids! lol


  2. It's beautiful! We started a kitchen remodel YEARS ago. It's mostly finished, but we still need to address the flooring (I want cork) and we need to do a backsplash. My favorite thing is actually something that was already part of the kitchen ... a window over the sink that looks out onto our back porch and somewhat into the backyard.

  3. You managed to get it just right, Deborah! It's wonderful!
    I like my white sink and my smooth cook top stove. It's not my favorite kitchen and I knew it was a stretch when we moved in, but we fed four kids and company for a lot of years and I'm very thankful for that!

  4. GORGEOUS! so happy for you!!!

    Two ovens is SMART.


  5. your kitchen is fantastic I am sure with the size of the dinners you need to cook that nice organized kitchen is a real blessing. The kitchen here is odd it is 2 rooms which means a lot of walking back and forth lol!! ~Have a great rest of the week ~Love Heather

  6. I do believe kitchen remodels are probably the hardest thing to live through, but so worth it when all is done!
    Your kitchen is fabulous. I am wondering do you like your tile floor so far?

    I noticed you and I have the exact same refrigerator...ours is new too. It was the last appliance we needed to replace to make all our appliances black. Like you, why get rid of something that works fine? It will eventually go...and it did.

    I like that I have plenty of counter space...I can make huge messes when cooking!

  7. Beautiful! Mine....probably that I can see the dining area and living from my sink :)

  8. It's beautiful. You guys did an outstanding job. I love the trash cans.
    Yay for you and the Engineer!

  9. Wow!! Very nice. I LOVE the picture on the wall in the last pic. So cute.


  10. WOW! Gorgeous! You must be so happy. And two ovens goes beyond my wildest dreams.

    I am waiting for all my appliances to break so I can buy new ones, especially a new oven, since mine is very small. But I like the counterspace in my kitchen, and I like the layout, and one day I will be rich, rich, rich and will be able to make all the changes I want. Right?


  11. What a lovely kitchen!!! Looks wonderful! Looks perfect for a large family. :)

  12. I LOVE it!!!!! It's so beautiful and streamlined!!!!!

  13. Hi, Deborah! YOU are the first stop for Ratty, Mole, and Toad. They'll arrive at your house soon! You mail to Debbie (No Spring Chicken) in Oregon. I'll put her address in the package. Whee! It's so fun! Take lots of pictures of The Three at your house and blog about it before sending them on. THANKS!

  14. Well, I called by half an hour ago to say how excited I am now that the Willows are on their way to Canada! But I've been so fascinated that I'm still here... And I see that Pom has been in just before me- is she still there? Is there tea left in the pot in that fabulous kitchen??

  15. What a wonderful remodel! I have enjoyed your pictures. You have a special talent for photography!


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