Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Week (or so) in Photos

Heading off to the Canada Day parade in our red and white.

Waiting for the parade and eating our national food -- the Tim Horton's Timbit ;o).

The best fireworks display we've seen in the bay yet! It was awesome!!

Our little Peanut turned four on Independence Day! (No matter that she wears size two).

Opening gifts. It was so sweet to watch her face. She was in awe!

Harvesting cilantro. Yum! Amy, the key is to plant a ton of seeds!

 Swimming time for all :o)! Mavy loves to blow bubbles in his pool.

Fun in 58 degree F water while the pool fills.

An evening walk with my boy.

Some evening quiet time with the camera in our gardens.

Catching snatches of fun and peace on the camera. 


  1. Oh Deborah... I love the pics and all the fun memeories your have captured. Simply gorgeous!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet heart!

    Thinking of you,

  2. Love, love,love your new header! Great pictures and so happy to see you and Bub were able to get away for some mother/son alone time on the beach.
    hugs to all

  3. Love your new header!!! It's funny because we just changed ours, and it's so similar... I showed my mom, and she said... "Did she just copy you?" I know you probably didn't, and I just love it. Glad you were able to celebrate Canada Day and little Peanut's birthday! Tell her happy birthday! (late) So glad you were able to enjoy that walk, you deserved it completely!

    Praying for you and your family everyday!


  4. Lol! Michlyn, that is too funny! Great minds think alike! I can't believe we both even used a blue background. Love the photos you used! I usually do green in the summer, but because I was using beach shots I decided to stick with blue. It's fun creating new headers isn't it?


  5. I know I haven't been around for a very long time, and I'm only just here for a moment for now. I really needed to say congratulations on your three beautiful daughters. They are beyond gorgeous and your pictures of family life are (as usual) lovely.

    I miss blogging alongside you. :)


  6. Your kids are all growing! I hope you find some time to float in the pool, too!

  7. Bobbie-Jo, I was just thinking of you today and how much I miss your posts. Now that we're in the thick of it, I understand more a little of what you've been and are going through. I remember you often in my prayers. Hugs!

    Pom Pom, I am sitting in the girls room right now waiting for them to drift off to sleep after a busy day. Totally plan on the pool as soon as they're asleep! Can't wait :o)!


  8. Oh, hurray!

    Of all your wonderful pics (and I LOVE the fireworks!) I'm thrilled to see you got your evening walk with Bub. Hope it was peaceful ;D

    You are doing a GREAT job,


  9. The pictures are just gorgeous...what a wonderful and blessed summer you are having!! oh how I miss timbits lol you have no idea eheheheh ~Love Heather

  10. The pictures are just gorgeous...what a wonderful and blessed summer you are having!! oh how I miss timbits lol you have no idea eheheheh ~Love Heather

  11. Yes, making headers is a lot of fun, especially when you see how much we've grown from just a couple months. I was thinking the exact same thing ... "great minds think alike". Hope to see another post soon!


  12. Stunning photos! Y'all look so great in red and white. A belated happy Canada Day, and Happy Birthday dear Peanut... ! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. Beautiful pictures, Deborah. I especially like the pictures of all your children together--old and new. Lovely!


  14. 1) I am absolutely flattered to be mentioned on your blog!!!1 WOW! I kinda feel like I have made the big time.

    2) You would be so proud of my basil. It is growing and beautiful.

    3) Your family is beautiful. We are praying that peace will continue to rest upon your home.


  15. Beautiful pictures! Awesome shots on the fireworks!
    Okay, 58 degrees F and you are getting in the water?
    Too cold for me!!!
    You have a beautiful family! Many Blessings!

  16. Amazing photos! You've inspired me to find something to try and photograph! (Other than my usual.)

    What a fun summer you are having!

  17. You've done such a beautiful job of capturing God's bountiful blessings with your camera!

  18. Beautiful post! It covered things that made me laugh and sigh.

    Tell your daughter the picture of her dancing is priceless!


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