Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brain Dump

1}We've reached the intolerable hot here today -- with the humidity just to make it really sticky. Up until today, the evenings have cooled down beautifully and the breezes have kept it perfectly gorgeous out. Very thankful we have a pool to cool off in!

2}My Aunt and Uncle celebrated 50 years of marriage last night. We missed the dinner, but were able to slip out once the girls were asleep. It was so nice to dress up and kick back and relax. They hosted the party at their home and it's soooo beautiful there. My uncle is an epic gardener!

Photo by: Bub

3}The one thing about the Littles that drives me absolutely mad is that they think I am at their instant (and constant) beck and call. Then I remind myself that that's a good thing. It goes to show you what wonderful care they had in their orphanage. I did lose it one day though and said firmly through my teeth, "I am NOT your maid!"

4}I have had this recurring dream that we moved. I don't want to move! I love our "new" home! The funny thing is I only get a wee snippet in the dream that leads me to conclude that we moved to another spot in the country with rolling hills. Hmmm.....

5}We have quit going to church -- not permanently of course! The two little ones are getting more restless each week that we go, but we feel that they are not ready to be under the care of someone else, as in sending them to Sunday school as would be expected. They are too free yet to climb up on anyone's lap and snuggle in. We'll wait a few weeks and then try again.

6}Friday night we did a faux pas and had hot dogs over the fire. We also had broccoli salad. I think the Wee Three were glad we ate outside. Every time they thought we weren't looking, they'd toss their broccoli salad in the evergreen tree. They know they are supposed to eat everything on their plate. To clarify, when it's something we know they've never seen in their life, we give them a wee tiny bit, and they are expected to eat it. They also know that if they don't eat it, they don't get dessert. Needless to say none of them had dessert on Friday night. However, last night, Bella made sure she ate everything on her plate and proceeded to show us multiple times that it was empty. She put her lips in a pout and said, "last night no ice cream!" I asked her why and she said, " my food, throw tree." We all laughed! She gets, it! These girls are so bright, they make me smile. Needless to say, she very much enjoyed her ice cream last night!

7}We are on a huge hiatus from doing photo shoots. Of course not shooting anyone but my own friends and family when they're around has me thinking about photography and where we want to go with it. Lots of thoughts, lots of ideas. I'm surprising myself! There is a course I desperately want to take, but first we have to start making some money again. I don't know about you, reader, but money certainly isn't growing on our trees these days :o)!

8}Speaking of money not growing on trees, I've become a bargain shopper extraordinaire these days. It's actually been quite fun! I just wish I had more time...

9}We are having a bunch of family over for Peach's birthday today, so I better get crackin'.

Wishing you all a blessed and rest filled Sunday!


  1. Like your mind dump...had to laugh at the girls and their veggies. I'm would eat my veggies for ice cream, too. Please tell your sweet Bub that I love his shot of the two of you.
    I know your party will be so much fun.

  2. I love brain dumps! It's so easy to just say whats on your mind all at once! I love the picture that Bub took of the two of you! Hope Peach has a great birthday celebration!


  3. You are beautiful.

    And that wasn't a brain dump at all, I loved reading your stories, events, and thoughts.

  4. Oh, you don't have a money tree in your backyard? Hmmm. I keep waiting for one to pop out of the ground.
    It's not happening.



  5. I sure wish a money tree would show up in my yard! I am laughing about the girls throwing their food into the tree. I love reading your brain dumps - great way to share all your thoughts. Beautiful pic!

  6. Giggling with you... you don't have to apologize for "I'm not your maid!" It's a good life lesson :D

    When you get that money tree figured out, be sure to let me know! More likely you'll get a broccoli tree ;D

    You'll make it back to church in good time, no worries.


  7. That is one funny story about the food & the tree!

    And yes, this reader doesn't have a money tree either! It certainly could come in handy at times!

    Beautiful pic of you & hubby!

  8. Michlyn and I love your brain dumps - she's sure to encourage me to stop by and read on these posts ;)
    I thank God for the encouragement & wisdom lended to my family/daughter from other Godly adults like you - no matter how far away you are. Thank you for being a blessing to her, may you be blessed the same.

    As for a break from church, know in a years time we've had to do the same more than once :( I miss the time spent w/ other believers but know it's necessary for our family as a whole... I have to believe it's just a season and this to shall pass...
    Thank you for sharing your heart & life with all of us.
    In Him, Becky

  9. I loved this post. I really like random stuff. Imagine that, right?

    The story of the broccoli in the trees is hilarious!! I'm sure that will be told for many years to come.

  10. I hear you about money not growing on trees... LOL

    Enjoy reading your brain dump...

  11. Loved how you stopped yourself from just reacting to the girls, and truly looking at what was happening with them!


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