Friday, May 20, 2011

What to Do, What to Do?

What do you do when you're finally given the most longed for and anticipated news of the last ten months?

Why you bake cookies of course, and muffins, and make lists, and write notes to high school teachers, and pack, and repack, and make more lists, and do some errands, and wait for Compassion to call back, and go watch the girls at field day, and FINALLY go to the travel agent to book flights.

It all seems so surreal, but we're all so excited!!

You will forgive me if I'm very absent for the next few days? We (the Engineer, Bub, and I) are leaving on a jet plane less than a week from today. Sooooo amazing! God is good!

Thank you again for all the prayers, travel advice, and words of congratulations!



  1. Sending our love and feeling your excitement.

  2. Oh, yes! My prayers will be with you and for you this week and definitely as you fly away to get your girls!

  3. God is so good! So excited just reading your post. We're also waiting to hear from Compassion Canada... I'm wondering if the communication with the Philippine office is slow because they are busy prepping for the arrival of the Compassion Bloggers!

  4. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'm soooooo happy to hear it's time and will be praying for you all.........just thought I'd give you a few travel tips that might be useful =) I hit the dollar store just before we left to pick up the kids (6 & 8 years old), their favourite things to do were crafty, they really didn't want to do much with their toys except look at them until long after we were home! I found these foam piece pictures that you built step by step, they LOVED these, and we worked on them together which was fun. I also found step by step sticker pictures.....basically anything flat that packed easily that we could work on together was a hit =) I packed blue and pink nail polish (boy & girl) and nail polish remover pads, every day I painted their nails (sometimes a few times a day) fun! It might be a good idea to bring along a lice shampoo & comb, it was difficult to find there (especially the comb) and we had to go out immediately to get some. I'm totally not trying to be rude, but a big group of kids together make it hard to control lice so it's just something I wish I'd thought to bring =)
    Also, they loved raisins in the small packages and those "Real Fruit" gummy shapes. I brought along the fruit gummies when we met and had them in my purse the rest of our time there, now whenever we pass them in the store they point them out and say "remember you give these in the Philippines to us!"
    Anyway, that's all for tips, BE BLESSED my friend and enjoy your trip and those precious girlies!!!!!

  5. My love and prayers go with you!!!


  6. Yay! I know the list can never end, but you're so patient I'm sure you'll all be ready and packed before you know it. (my parents waited until the last night to pack... sleep as much as you are able, because it will almost be impossible to sleep on the plane.) I'm sure you're so excited, and can't wait. These little girls are so blessed to be in such an amazing, patient, and God fearing family! Congrats to your family, and can't wait to see their beautiful faces. (if you post them.) I understand you have to listen to certain rules. Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll be praying for all the details to work out, and for safe travels. (there and back)

    In Him,
    ~Michlyn Fisher
    P.S. Yes, I forgive you in advanced. I know you'll be extremely busy for a while. :)

  7. Deborah,

    No words can express how excited I am for you and your entire family of NINE! Enjoy every minute of the Philippines and your lovely little angels.

  8. My heart beats excited with you...praying, and looking forward to when you are able to share a completed chapter of this marvelous story.

  9. Godspeed! So excited for you and especially for the ones you will be bringing HOME! Hugs from Texas.

  10. I can't believe I missed 'The Call'!

    I'm so rejoicing with you, and looking forward to your next post. What joy...

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Praise God! praying for you and so happy! tears of joy sister!

  12. So happy and I can only imagine the excitment!!!

    Please update when you can!!

    Have safe travels and I look forward to hearing all about it once you are home and rested and settled. :)

    God be with you!

  13. Congratulations! You have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Thoughts and prayers are with you and can't wait to see pictures!!!

  14. You have been waiting so long to hear this news and I couldn't be happier for you!!! I am so excited for your family! I will be praying for your travel and especially that your girls' hearts would be prepared for all the changes that are to come in their lives.


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