Friday, May 27, 2011


We have arrived in Manila. If you count the time we left home and drove to Toronto, we've been traveling for over 24 hours. Both flights went fantastically! We're exhausted and feeling really yucky, so it's showers all around. Then sleep. I hope we're not too excited to sleep...

The weather is hot and humid, it must have rained earlier. Our hotel is beautiful, but we're only here one night for tomorrow is the day that we FINALLY get to meet our new daughters! After over ten months of waiting with only some photos to look at, we we finally get to hold them and talk to them and best of all bring them home to become part of our family!!

We have one more flight tomorrow, but it's only an hour long and the girls will be waiting for us at the airport!



  1. amazing. so thankful you're almost there. enjoy....
    we'll keep praying.

  2. I am so very excited for you! I'll be praying for you all.

  3. My heart is pounding! So excited. Rest up and may all be well.

  4. Deborah,
    I was washing dishes when Libby told me of your new post. I cried happy tears as she read me this post.
    I too will continue to pray for you through out your trip.
    Can't wait to see all 9 of you together at last!!!

    Love you girl,

  5. We are praying for you all.

  6. One more sleep! So cool!!! And... the heat and humidity... bring back childhood memories for me!

  7. This is so exciting! So happy that you will finally get to meet your daughters! They are truly blessed! Praying for a safe transition and a very happy greeting!


  8. Oh Deborah!! So excited for you all! Praying for you and hope that you can sleep so you're refreshed :)

  9. Praying for sweet rest and for your list of God's blessings to grow and grow and grow...

  10. Deborah, I am so truely happy for you guys. You are soooo close now. Your post brought back so many memories. It was just 3 months ago that I wrote that exact same post from our hotel in Manila. Tomorrow when you see your beautiful girls in the airport everything will finally all fall into place. Enjoy your precious girls!!!!

  11. It's so good to hear from you! I know you'll snap a lot of pictures!

  12. So happy for you!! i hope you all sleep well and tomorrow sounds so exciting! I look forward to hearing how it went. Take lots of pictures!! Soon you meet your new daugthers!


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