Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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May you all find something to smile about today.


  1. Maverick is looking very pleased about our huge bag of rice. I wonder if he's thinking perhaps with the arrival of his three hooman sisters he will get to have more treats. Aka. rice falling on the floor :o).

  2. I love his doggie grin. You can't tell me dogs can't smile :)

  3. The grin is a hoot! I love it!!

  4. Deborah...that's EXACTLY what he's thinking.

    Could you do me a favor? Go to my blog and check out my post from yesterday (My Beautiful Becky) and tell me which photos you like best. I need a professional opinion!

  5. ha what a funny picture lol!! I had a dog get into a bag of rice once when we weren't home he tore it open and then it got stuck around his neck and he must of paniced running around the house because we came home to find him in a corner with a rice bag stuck to him shaking and scared and rice was everywhere lol!! Have a wonderful week love Heather

  6. This is really a captivating photo! Is the dog trying to figure out what's in the bag, or does he know? And does he have mischief planned? By his expression, I'd say of course he does!


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