Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Row Row Your Boat

You are only as good, as good you are. ~Mr. W. (Nathanael's rowing coach)

Last Thursday evening Bub had rowing practice in "The Tank".

The Tank is a concrete boat surrounded by water where the students get to learn how to manipulate the oars in water. It's quite a bit different than the rowing machines.

How do I know this?


I rowed for a bit on the machines.

Got in trouble from Bub's coach :oO, Mr. W., because he thought one of his students wasn't listening :oS. (The above photo was taken before he was talking with the boys).

Since I was on the machine and seemingly getting the hang of it, he asked me to try rowing with the oars.

I. Would. Need. Much. Practice. It is not remotely as easy as it might look!

I was feeling a little sore all weekend. I seem to forget that I am forty now :oD.

After rowing in the tank, Bub is hooked.

Personally, I think it is partly because Mr. W. is an excellent coach!

He is so patient and encouraging with the boys. He warns them what to expect when the go out on the water and that they are a team when they are in the boat. There will be no pointing fingers for flawed races. He is also a very experienced coach.

He has coached all the way to one Olympics and two Worlds. He is passionate about rowing and it shows in his love for the boats, his gentleness with the boys, and his excitement when working with them. Bub's high school is blessed to have him, as typically here in Canada, only the high end private schools have rowing coaches. It will be fascinating to see what these boys will do over the next weeks, months, and even years.

So if we're singing row, row, row your boat around here a lot lately it's because our family has caught rowing fever. It seems we're meant to be a water sports family. How about you? What sports does your family enjoy?


  1. That is amazing, I've never seen anything like that! Adam, although, has always thought it'd be great to teach at a school where they have rowing b/c then he could get out there as well. Haha! How fun you got to try it--it does look hard!

  2. Fascinating. I have always enjoyed seeing rowers glide across the water. They do make it look effortless, yet I know it is not. Good for you for giving it a go.

  3. Very cool! We're not a sports family, but ds1 has been doing tennis in his homeschool P.E. class. Hubby and I haven't played in years, so we've all gone to the courts a few times recently to try to get back in the swing (pun intended) of things. I used muscles I forgot I had! There are a lot of public courts here, unfortunately it's difficult to find one not in use.

  4. Now THAT looks like fun! (though I can only imagine how soar you arms were after your trial run :)

    And amen to great coaches-- they can spell life or death (figuratively speaking, of course :) to a budding or even experienced athlete. So, so glad Bub has one of the best!

  5. How awesome! (The coach and the practice set-up... I had NO IDEA.)

    Crew teams used to practice on the lake where I grew up - we'd frequently see them, all year long (but not as cold as where you are!)

    We'd also see coastal Indians, practicing on the lake, in their long canoes. Very cool.

    Go Bub!

    And Deborah.. (mixing comments from two posts) can't WAIT to see before and afters of your new kitchen!!!


  6. The things you learn! I had no idea such a rowing contraption existed. I admire your desire to give it a go. What a good workout!


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