Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh Dear, I Think Spoke too Soon!

Just a couple of days ago I posted that I thought spring was on the way. Perhaps I was being a little too optimistic.

After church we had a quick lunch and then all went for a walk along the beach. It was beautiful out. No sun, but no wind and so very peaceful.

We might have been home for half an hour when we looked outside to this.

The general consensus in our house, "you have to be kidding!?!"

Hoping its not snowing where you are!


  1. Oh, dear!! I am sooooooooooooooo sorry! It's like we feel in November and December when the temperature climbs up into the high 80's!!
    I hope you get sun and blooming flowers and singing birds this week!

  2. Same, EXACT thing here!!! Walked to church and it was beautiful, 50s, sun was out a bit, dark clouds could be seen, but I thought maybe some rain. We came out of church and it was literally a blizzard, couldn't see very far in front of you! Needless to say, Adam ran back and got the car for us :)

  3. No, no snow, but the weather went from 80 degrees yesterday and dropped to 47 degrees today. Now that takes quite a bit to get use too!

    I love the picture you captured of you children on shore...beautiful!

  4. No snow here. ;) We have been around the 90*F mark, but have thankfully had a few days of rain last week and again yesterday. Yesterday's must have brought a cold front with it because we are delightfully in the mid-70'sF today. This winter/spring has definitely been a wacky one for weather.


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