Monday, April 4, 2011

Multitude Monday

Giving thanks awakens me to a God giving Himself, the naked unashamed passion, God giving Himself to me -- for me -- a surrender of love. "Gratitude is the most fruitful way of deepening your consciousness that you are... a divine choice," wrote Henry Nouwen. A divine choice! He chooses His children to fully live! Fully live the fullest life: the astonished gratitude, the awed joy, the flying and the free. The discipline of giving thanks, of unwrapping one thousand gifts, unwraps God's heart bare: I choose you. Live!
~Ann Voskamp 1000 Gifts pp. 205-206

warm weather today. It felt soooo good!

the most awesomest tradesmen.

long walks with the doggie.

watching the dog delight in playing in the creek.

much laughter shared at the dinner table.

romaine lettuce finally down to a dollar a bunch.

fresh salad for supper.

simple meals.

first spring flowers.

a family night at another fabulous concert.

crisp apples.

a very valid excuse to have a messy and dirty house ;o).

crossing small things off my to do list.

Giving God the glory for His gifts to us #'s 1112-1124

Join us?

Be blessed today!


  1. Lots to be thankful for! I've been enjoying apples, too, and juicy tangelos. Yum!

  2. I love the excuse for messy house and the spring flowers. Lovely list.
    Blessings to you

  3. God is so good! Wow i love reading these and seeing how he blesses us all so differently, yet so much alike! HUGS!


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