Thursday, March 10, 2011

Piano Bench Re-Covered

My mom will be so pleased! I finally re-covered our piano bench. It's been like this for years! The hole gradually getting larger as little fingers pick at it.

I have a project in the works for which I needed some leather -- er, vinyl, so it was a good motivation to finally go out and purchase a piece of vinyl and finally re-cover the bench. It took me a couple of hours, and apparently, I'm pretty wimpy because after stapling down the new piece of vinyl, I had to go around the bench and finish off the staples by hammering them in the rest of the way.

Oh well, it's done and looks pretty great, and best of all I quite enjoyed doing it! I wonder why I put it off for so many years?



  1. Nice job! We need to re-cover our torn-up bench as well, but we can't do that as long as our cat (the perpetrator) is alive!

  2. Again....way to go!
    What kind of vitamins to you take...I need some! You accomplish so much and even with a nasty cold.

  3. Those staple guns take quite a bit of muscle! But there are these amazing electric-powered ones. When we were recovering my dining room chairs we tried the hand staple guns, then we went down to my neighbor's house who had the electric kind...oh my, the difference!


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