Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Pills

I have a confession.

I'm on meds.

I have been for a looooong time.

They're supposed to help control my migraines.

They don't.

Instead they help make me more even keel.

That's supposed to help my migraines.

It doesn't.

I like being even keel though.

If I don't take them for even one day, I either bawl for no reason

Or I'm as miserable as a bear woken too early from hibernation.

I like my meds.

They keep me happy :o).



  1. I like your confession ...

    another coffee date needed soon.

  2. Thank you, Lord! You're smart to keep taking them. I ordered a SONLIGHT catalog today. I can't wait for it to come. (BIG HUG!)

  3. My daily *strong* morning coffee would be my equivalent of your happy pills. Today, I woke up too early and didn't get my coffee right away. I feel like what you described: a bear woken too early from hibernation... my brain is foggy! :-)

  4. Thank You, Lord, for modern medicine :D

    And thanks for your honesty,


  5. Yup, meds are good! I also like being on an even keel and my meds help me, too!
    Thankful for the meds!


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