Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Review Saturday (Edition 9)

Scale Down by Danna Demetre is a great book full of diet and nutrition tips that help you get off the yo- yo dieting track or simply learning to rid yourself of that excess baggage you've been carrying around.

Because I'm turning forty very soon, I'm getting to that phase of life where not everything I eat is burned off anymore. In January I began working out again. I have lost virtually nothing, but am happily looking ever so slightly more toned. Feeling frustrated with the excess fat that I'm hanging on to, I saw Danna's book in our local library and picked it up. It sounded like a good read.

I think I may have mentioned it before, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, I'll say it again. I am one who learns from understanding why -- not just the hows of something. Danna's book does exactly that! She explains why our bodies hang on to fat, why we need to eat protein and complex carbs and avoid refined foods, and why exercise is so important. She discusses emotional eating and how to overcome it. Best of all throughout the entirety of her book she establishes Godly perspectives on eating.

Danna also has several self-evaluation questionnaires throughout the book that enable you to think about your eating and exercise decisions. Finally, chapters 13 and 14 give clear and concise advice on making healthy food choices and exercising to avoid injury, increase fat burn, and learn to enjoy getting moving.

This book is worth a second read just so that I can take notes on all the little tips and tidbits that will help me become a healthier and more fit individual. Scale Down is definitely worth the read, if you want to learn and understand how to make your body work for you!


  1. Deborah,
    I think I may have to read this one for sure!
    Thank you, friend!


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