Monday, February 28, 2011


He arrived.

This is the dealer photo. He has running boards and a trailer hitch now.

Isn't he handsome ;o)?

I always wondered why any family would drive one.

Now I know :o).

We're just not sure where to park him....

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


  1. That looks like something that carts around church youth groups or people who have their own reality shows! :-)

    It matches the landscaping really well!

    You can park "him" near our Hummer.

  2. Hmmm, now you need a garage remodel?

    "Monster" looks great. He'll look even better with seven kids inside ;D


  3. Congratulations on your newest family addition.
    I agree it will look even better with your seven kids in it.
    And it is not white...


  4. Yay!! A vehicle that will hold all of you!
    Where to park it? I agree with your friend who suggest a new garage!
    And, it's white...great "color"!

  5. You had better have the Engineer build another garage.

  6. Ha look at that big honking thing LOL you guys are so blessed love that it will be filled up with your beautiful family ~Love Heather

  7. Totally awesome. Congratulations!!! This will someday soon be our fate too, I think (not that that's bad).

  8. It's really sad when you find yourself drooling over someone's full size van!!!

    We are still one passenger short in our van but it's usually just the kids and I, so we are okay, but can't take a family road trip.

    As for parking, I would suggest the far side of the parking lots, away from other vehicles, but that's just me, as I am not the best parker in the world!

  9. Wendy, Bob seriously bought a Hummer? THIS I have to see!!

    I think poor ole monster is destined to live a life outdoors. No garage renos will be happening any time son.

    Lol! Sharla my van will be parked in the boonies with your van -- if you ever get one.

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  11. Are you having to go to "parking" school to learn how to park it? That would be my biggest challenge by far!

    What pleasant growing pains...


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