Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Beans

Our Valentine's Day Baby (she was due the day after Valentine's Day actually) turned 11 a month ago today which means -- she's also our  millennium baby.  I can remember being at my Brother and SIL's that New Year's Eve and wondering what 2000 would be like. Would it really be as chaotic as they were predicting? No, not at all. One bright chilly February Day, a precious little girls decided it was time to see what this big world was all about. She was a very easy going baby right from the start. She dropped both her naps by the time she was two and to this day is still our early bird. I can see that she and Bella will share many a morning together watching the sun rise. (According to our documents, Bella is an early riser too and loves the sunshine -- a girl after her Mama's heart :o)).

Eating a traditional birthday morning breakfast of cake or some other delicious dessert.This was banana cream pie. Yum!

Bright and musical, Beans is also our most literal child. Meaning, when a joke or comment is done in a pundit sort of way, she will take it from a literal aspect and find it, "so dumb!" She's a hoot and I confess that she makes us laugh without trying. We love our Beany Goldilocks and pray that God will continue to shape and mold her into the young woman that He wants her to be. Happy Birthday, Beans! We love you very much!


  1. Happy Birthday Beans!

    Love Kelly and family

  2. Happy and blessed birthday to your sweet daughter! Do you do as I do and spend that day recalling all the details of their birth? Such joy!

  3. Aww, thank you, Kelly. I will pass it on to her :o).

    Cathy, yes I do. They are such good memories :o).

  4. Happy Birthday, Beans! And I do love that tradition...think we may have to start it in our homes...our bdays are right around the corner.


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