Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dutch doughnuts. The final tradition of the Christmas holidays is to have oliebollen. We enjoyed our deep fried dough balls the day after New Year's as we're typically at a family reunion on New Year's Day.

They really are very good -- especially just out of the oil and rolled in sugar. The traditional way is to roll them in icing sugar, but in our family, someone usually ends up in a coughing fit from inhaling that light of sugar, so we use fruit sugar. It works well and still tastes great.
So, the last of the "we won't eat this for another year" foods are done. Yum! I can hardly wait until next year ;oD!

Oh yes, if you would like to experience the culinary wonder ;o) of  our Dutch heritage, here is the recipe.

Eet smakelijk!


  1. My family continued the tradition this year by making ours gluten-free. They turned out pretty well [smile].


  2. Those look delicious!! thanks for sharing ~Love Heather

  3. I have never heard of these before but they look yummy!

  4. Oh dear...I think I must go work out for another 30 minutes just from gazing at the yummy pictures!!

  5. Oh yum! do you know what temp the oil should be?

  6. Hmmm, good question Julie. I usually just wait until the oil starts getting that bubbly look, toss in a piece of dough and when it starts browning nicely, start frying up a storm. Hope that helps some. I really should by a thermometer though :o).

  7. aren't they just the best tradition Deborah?!? My parents still make ours, so i have yet to try making them myself, but it will be a tradition i continue because they are just soooooo yummy. our family dips them in our own bowls of icing sugar. not healthy, but hey, it's once a year...

  8. Those look yummy! I can't help but wondering ... what's more fun, eating them or pronouncing them? :-)


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