Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've mastered knitting in the round, but those double point needles are still giving me a headache. Here are the hats I've made over the past several weeks.

Miss Gigi seems like a willing model, but sometimes she is very uncooperative ;o)!

She likes her pink hat better!

This one was done on straight needles with leftover wool. Easy peasy and very fun. My friend Heather at Big Dreams in a Little House taught me how to make the felt flower.

I made this one without a pattern. It didn't turn out quite as I have expected, but it's no surprise really when one doesn't follow a pattern :o). It's also made with leftover wool. It kind of reminds me of a night cap.

Currently on the needles, a slouchy hat for Peach.

Is anyone else working on some winter projects? I'd love to hear about them!



  1. Deborah,
    I love the pink one! I think that my girls would love the one your daughter is sporting...she looks adorable, by the way! It doesn't get so very cold here like it does where you live but my girls still like to wear hats. The both gave each other a hat for Christmas. It was funny!
    Have fun knitting!

  2. Deborah, the range of your talents amazes me! Though, I agree about Bub's hat... found myself thinking, "'Twas the night before Christmas..." :D


  3. Very nice! Now how did you teach yourself? I'm impressed. I like the idea of a night cap.
    Hope you guys are faring well with all the snow!

  4. I like the one you made without a pattern! Crafters are their own worst critics!

    I was so tense for the first half of the first project I did on dpns. I was afraid I was going to drop stitches and have ladders, plus I rather stupidly decided to make it my first cable project, too. I find I am a bit better with the dpns now as opposed to using the circulars in the round. With the circulars, I always have this loose, gappy spot where it's joined in the round, no matter how hard I try to avoid it. It's strange.

  5. Hi Deborah!
    Thanks for the comment on our blog. I have been following yours as well. It's amazing how we find fellow bloggers with all the same hobbies and interests! I enjoy photographing the handicrafts as much as making them :)

    See you around and keep having fun!

  6. Oh those are great!! Love the hats :) and the flowers look wonderful~ I hear from my Dad it has been very cold back there. So I am sure those hats have been getting lots of wear!!
    ~Happy Knitting~I can't wait to see those little girls in those hats instead of the dolls :)~Love Heather

  7. Beautiful hats! Completely agree: circular needles are a snap, but once you have to go to the DPNs? I almost always end up dropping a stitch and having to redo. Ugh :)

    I'm currently working on a simple scarf for Owen. I've doubled up my yarn and am using a larger needle so it's going pretty fast!


  8. NICE work. I'm very impressed.

  9. The hats are cute, but the models are cuter :-)

  10. Those hats are so cute! I am working on a lace shawl for my mom right now. Hopefully I will finish before Christmas 2011-- It is a very long shawl on very small needles.


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