Monday, January 3, 2011

1000 Gifts

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I haven't participated in Multitude Monday since the middle of November. Although January brings with it some excitement and anticipation of what a new year might bring, for me that very quickly wears off and I suffer the big time blues. It's cold, it's dark, the routines don't change. This year is a little different as we're anticipating traveling to the Philippines as early as late February to bring home three beautiful little girls. However, aside from our thought being almost constantly on our daughter across the ocean and continued preparations for them, for the most part, life goes on as is typical for the month of January.  There's no real nice way to say it. It's B-O-R-I-N-G.
So to combat the boring blues, I thought it was a good time to continue my list of gratefulness beginning with:
  • # 890 the soft feel of wool as it slips through my fingers.
  • the quiet click of knitting needles that allow me to create.
  • the crunch of hot buttery popcorn as the children sit engrossed in a movie.
  • long chats in the van with my husband.
  • family get-togethers.
  • a new year dawning.
  • Jeremiah 29:11
  • knowing very soon we will meet our precious daughters and bring them home.
  • the gift of friendship.
  • the way internet connects lives.
  • dinner and dominoes with Mom and Dad.
  • sitting by the Christmas tree enjoying the sparkles and twinkling lights.
  • puppy antics that make us all laugh.
  • silent nights.
  • snow forts.
  • rosy cheeks.
  • cold noses.
  • wet woolies that mean outdoor play.
  • dryers for wet woolies.
  • good books.
  • mud. It equals progress on our house.
  • a relaxing Monday spent with the Engineer.
  • a full pantry and refrigerator again.
  • flashes of red that mean cardinals, and blues that mean jays are at our feeder.
  • the song of the chikadee-dee-dee.
  • easy clean floors.
  • beautiful works of art made by young hands.
  • seeing Christmas photos of our daughters in the PI. So amazing to see such recent photos of our little girls playing, dancing, and opening gifts.
  • quiet mornings (after everyone is on their respective buses).
  • exercise DVD's.
  • windshield wipers.
  • traveling mercies over the holidays again.
  • sleeping in.
  • afternoon naps.
  • contented girl chatter.
  • long locks of hair to brush and play with.
  • boots to keep toes toasty.
  • Vitamin E cream for ouchy noses, and fingers.
  • friends who pray.
  • the power of prayer.
  • # 930 eager learners.
If you've thought about participating in Multitude Monday, now is a great time to start! Join us at Holy Experience . In fact pop by and read Ann's post today. It's beautiful and encouraging.

May you all experience small joys today. Be blessed!


  1. We both have sooo much to be thankful this year. I love winter when we have snow for snowshoeing and have boilups in the woods and have a fire in our woodtove while watching hockey and curling. Lovely!! I hope that Rafael and your girls enjoy the snow as much as me. First we just need a little snow. Everything is green here!!

  2. beautiful post true, we have endless things to be thankful for. thanks for the reminder of a few i'd forgotten myself..

  3. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful `You are so blessed indeed ~Love Heather

  4. Beautiful!!! A good reminder, especially in the post-holiday blahs.

  5. You are a wise woman to combat the winter blahs with thankfulness!

  6. That's a pretty awesome list for someone who's been feeling so bored and stuck in a routine. Amazing how focusing on gratitude can really change your perspective. :D

  7. Deborah,
    It is amazing how just counting the gifts that are ours from our Father can cheer up an otherwise dreary day.
    I join you in prayer for your trip in February to bring your wee little ones home. It will be here before you know it!
    Praying for an exciting, out of the ordinary day for you!!


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