Monday, December 27, 2010

What's Happenin'?

We had a great day with my family on Christmas Day. After feasting on turkey and the fixings, we played A Minute to Win It. I understand it's a show on television. What a hoot!

Why we're not worried about one brother in a house full of sisters. He's so patient with her!

Yesterday we enjoyed another beautiful service at church, and spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing. I have come down with a horrendous cold. Squirt brought it home from school, passed it to Beans, who in turn passed it on to me on Christmas Eve. I'm suffering the worst of it. Headachy, feverish, and when I'm not sneezing, I'm dripping. Oh well, it could be worse! I could have a migraine again.

The Engineer and I did groceries today and looked at new stove/ovens. Grrr, I am not looking forward to making appliance decisions for my kitchen. Seriously? Why does everyone love stainful stainless steel? I could fingerprint every single one we looked at. How in the world is that acceptable with seven children and a dog who has his wet nose in/on everything. Can you imagine what my appliances would look like? I am by no means a clean queen and have no desire to wander my kitchen everyday with my special cleaner shining appliances so that little hands and wet noses can walk behind me and muck them up again. Okay, rant over, but please enlighten me on the wonders of stainful steel if you will.

In the end, we bought a toaster oven. It's big enough to hold a twelve inch pizza, and will hold us over nicely until we have to make the dreaded new appliance decision.
I've napped, and finished two books while the kids play the Wii, do homework (Bub is reviewing for exams), read, or play board games. It's been remarkably quiet here. Right now, they're out building fortresses in the snow. I still can't get over how much snow is in our yard!

Our internet has been touch and go again for the past two days. The Engineer called our provider today, and I think they've fixed the problem. Obviously it was with the feeder tower in town because no one showed up here. We're very impressed with their service. Another great thing about small town life. Smaller provider equals better service (usually).

I shall go now! Supper is awaiting my attention and I should put the kettle (which btw is stainful steel) on to make hot chocolate for my kiddoes. Hopefully this evening while the Engineer and Bub watch the sequel to The Matrix (the Engineer loves to teach our children about symbolism, and as The Matrix is a movie filled with symbolism, he's deemed it appropriate viewing material for our 14 yo. Better him than me. I still haven't caught it all), I will do some blog reading. I want to read about your Christmases.



  1. Deborah,
    So sorry you are fighting a nasty cold. At least you have not lost your sense of humor as I chuckled as I read your rant about stainless steal...I can't agree more!
    Stay warm and drink plenty of fluids and rest, rest, rest!
    blessings to you, dear friend,

  2. Merry Christmas!!!
    Hope you are feeling better so soon! And so glad you got a toaster oven :O)

  3. I am not familiar with the game you are playing but it looks like a lot of fun photo ops! I hope you get well soon!! ~Leslie

  4. Ha cute pictures!! Uh I avoid stainless steel as well I have white appliances right now and I think they are very easy to clean. When we lived in Miami one of our apartments had a giant stainless steel fridge it was so hard to clean. I am having tea right now ~Enjoy the rest of your holidays Happy New Year ~Love Heather

  5. oh and p.s. sorry you are not feeling well Hope you feel better soon will say a prayer for you ~luv Heather :)

  6. Merry Christmas Deborah! Sounds like you had fun with the minute to win it games. We play that at church all the time (in the children's ministry).
    Have a blessed New Year's Eve!

  7. We didn't go the stainless route for our dishwasher or stove when we remodeled a few years ago because of the fingerprint issue - drives me crazy. We were told any appliance that gets warm/hot such as those cannot be made with a stainless finish that is fingerprint-free (stainless refrigerators are though). We went with black because it matches our granite counters.


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