Monday, December 6, 2010


Sinterklaas  and his sidekick Zwaarte Piet came last night...

I was quite surprised that a couple of them didn't end up with lumps of coal after the antics last night :oS.


  1. Antics? Did we hear about those?

    Love this tradition. Makes me wish I were Dutch.

    Hispanic countries do this as well. My daughter's teacher is of Cuban heritage and filled the kids' shoes with treats this morning.

    Next year you'll have to add some Filipino traditions. Our favorite is throwing coins! We buy the chocolate coins and my mother (Becky's Lola) throws them at her holiday party for all the grandchildren to scurry after. It's getting quite dangerous, though, given that all the grandchildren other than Lily and the new baby are between the ages of 16-20!

  2. I love the optimism of the two that put out boots ;D

  3. How fun! Just think next year there will be 7 pairs of shoes to be filled by Sinterklaas and his side kick.
    Blessings my dear friend,

  4. It is very fun :o)! The suspense the night before cracks me up.

    Wendy, I've already been mulling how to incorporate some Filipino traditions. Parols this year and we'll add in things as we go. Lol!

    Julie, you are beginning to know my children very well! That was exactly the (backfired) plan of the two who put out boots. Mind you, those size eleven shoes have quite a bit of room too.

    Kelly, as I was filling the shoes, I was thinking, "whoa, next year there will be seven pairs lined up!" Pretty amazing thought!

    Blessings all!

  5. Oh, I forgot the antics! They were namely the two youngest who we put to bed early still chatting away almost an hour and a half later. Grrrr! I had to put some disciplinary measures into place. That will sink in about 5:50 pm today as I gaily wave goodbye ;oS to them on my way out the door to GEMS.

  6. Love your family! Can you adopt me, too?

  7. Annesta, you are very welcome to join us! You do know if you ever come to the great white north, that we would love to have you stay with us!


  8. Our geography lessons have taken us through this part of the world this homeschool year, so this was neat to see. My oldest loves reading about the different holiday celebrations.


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