Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Northern Christmas

Approximately a week before Christmas we head north east of home for the dB family Christmas. It's a short day, but a nice one. This year was the most casual we have ever had. Mom dB decided to forgo the huge fixin's dinner and we simply had soup and buns. Worked for me :o)! The daughter and dil's brought goodies and snacks. We ate, sang, (they're a singin' family), ate, played games, ate, opened a few gifts, ate, well you get the idea...

 The artsy girl gets a paint by number. It's a wonder she didn't open it and get started right away 
 Eating (again).

 Little Red loves to colour.

 The baby of the family (for now) and apparently the ham too :o).

 Beans loves puzzles.

  Nephew A,  is 6'4" and in grade 11. I guess Bub comes by his height quite honestly.

LEGO is still a hit -- even at age fourteen.

Then it was a long drive home in the snow, to unload the van, go pick up Maverick from his Mama's house, and crash until a new day. The fourth Sunday in Advent already...


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun celebrating Christmas with your family. I like the whole soup and bun idea! We are gearing up for our celebration next weekend at our home...we will do a lot of eating too!
    Hope your week is full of fun and wonderful memories.
    p.s. wish I had ONLY eaten one yummy treat at our tea...will have to make up for it by doing more exercises this week...hehehe!

  2. Looks like a very fun Time!! Merry Christmas ~Love Heather

  3. Is that the family gathering where there's so many of you, you meet at a church? (good idea, btw!)

    Looks like lots of fun. Legos are still a big hit with my boys, too. And paint by numbers! I didn't know they still made those! Fun!


  4. Sounds like a fun day filled with making precious memories. :D

  5. Hi Julie, The BIG one is on New Years Day. It's with the entirety of Murray's mom's side of the family. It definitely works well in the church though.


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