Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Squirt!

My baby turns eight today! I am reminded once again of how quickly time goes. Don't you remember as a child finding the days drrrraaaaagggging until your birthday, or Christmas holidays, or summer holidays? Now it seems as though all I do is blink and another season of life is upon us.

From the day that Squirt was born, she defied everything we had learned with our first three children. Although she continues to test our patience and (sometimes lack of) skills as parents, she is a most wonderful blessing. Her expressive eyes and hands, her imagination, her determination, and her incredible tenacity will help her become who God wants her to be. She is our special gift from God and our lives would be so dull without her. Happy eighth birthday sweet girl!!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl!
    It looks like someone has been enjoying the snow:0)

    Kelly & Ex4

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Love the melting snow in her hair ;D Beautiful!


  3. What a beautiful child! I hope Squirt has a wonderful birthday today!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
    I have one that challenges us, too!

  5. Oh what a sweet picture. I miss seeing those red winter cheeks to warm here for that!! Happy Birthday Squirt! ~Love Heather


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