Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Day of Christmas Holidays

Our first day of Christmas holidays looked like this:

The Engineer got up, ready, and out the door for work.
Get up early (me).
Clean up Sunday's disaster from coming and going to church twice and taking two (awesome) teens out with our cameras so they can learn the fine art of photography.
Attempt to start dishes. (Can you believe I'm still waiting for lunch containers from two children. Those'll be ripe come January 3rd)!
Watch the excavator pull in to back fill our new foundation.
Take dog out for bathroom break (twice).
Kick oldest daughter out of bed. (You would think she is a teenager or something).
Finally make coffee.
Scrub counters.
Vacuum behind and under stove.( Repair man is coming. We figure it's only the temperature gauge, so it's worth having an oven for a few more months).
Talked to our contractor, but forgot to ask when to start looking at ideas for the kitchen remodel.
Surprisingly I think I showered somewhere in there too.
Managed to obtain a second teenage boy.
Let in repair man. (Yep, it's the temperature gauge. He needs to check at the shop or order one).
Refereed a snowball fight between the two youngest daughters and our excavator guy. They were talking to him from their bedroom window and somehow a snowball fight started. He was able to get one right into their room which caused gales of laughter to erupt and then they gathered snow off the porch roof to lob snowballs back down.
Thankfully the girls have bad aim.
Made coffee for our excavator guy.
Sent two boys out to take the dog for a bathroom break.
Supervised the making of hot chocolate.
Finally started Mt. Laundry at 11:40 am.
Checked to make sure all the kids rooms are clean (sort of).
For some strange reason, decided to dig through my wool stash.
While sitting here typing some of this, watched the kids destroy my clean kitchen to make their lunch. (Leftover buns from our church Christmas dinner last night).
Debated having a fourth cup of coffee.
Ate a bun with cheese.
Cleaned up the kids kitchen mess.
Turned off the coffee. (I will not give in to a fourth cup of the vile stuff)!
Downloaded the SD cards and prepped the cameras for tonight.
Took the dog out for a bathroom break.
First load of wash is finally done. So transferred it to the dryer and put a second load in the machine.
Started telling the children to get  their hineys in gear to go to the dentist.
Repairman shows up with part for oven. Works like a madman to get it working before I heard the kiddos out the door.
Part didn't help. He says he WILL have a working oven for me before Christmas. Personally, I don't really care if it works before Christmas or not, but I would like to do some baking over the holidays even if it is only to have snacks for the kids lunches.
We head out a little late for the dentist and I growl at the people who feel the need to go sixty in an eighty zone. (Come on people the roads are clean and dry now)!
After getting five mouths cleaned and we dash out of the dentist office, so I can stop at the grocery store to pick up cans of soup and rye bread for supper.
We arrive home at 5:20. Bub has to head back out at 5:35 to go with a fellow GEMS counselor and her son to help set up the games room for the girls. Then he and two other boys will get to go to the mall together for the first time EVER (and maybe the last heh heh!)
He inhales some food, while I make a phone call, the Engineer takes him to friends' place.
Somehow I manage to take a load out of the machine and toss it in the dryer and toss a new load in the machine. (Why does a load have to take 59 minutes to run)?
The girls and I inhale our supper, I kiss the Engineer good-bye as he walks in and we head out the door to meet a family who carpools with us.
I proceed to get my van stuck in the parking lot of the local country church where we meet to make the kid transfer. I OF COURSE did not take my cellphone. Thankfully T knew I was suspicious of the van being stuck, so she came around and checked. She was smart and has her cell.
The Engineer came and guided the van at the wheel while us two moms and five girls pushed the van out of the icy section (it was hidden under the snow).
We arrived at the GEMS Christmas party a mere two minutes late. Not a big deal. I had my camera ready to roll and spent the evening taking photos. (I found one with no faces showing, so you get to see just a smidgen of our fun group of girls Again, the privacy policy :oS).
Then it was clean up time and time to head home.
Didn't get stuck this time.
Took a load out of dryer, put a new load in dryer, and a new load in washer.
Had a cup of tea with the Engineer.
Took the dog out for a bathroom break.
Diddled at some scrap booking for the Wee Three.
Got ready for bed and set the alarm for 1:55. I wanted to catch the lunar eclipse.
Climbed into bed.
Dog started whining, so I took him out for a bathroom break (Again! This dog has a bladder the size of an ant!).
Put him back to bed and went back to bed.
Alarm didn't go off, but woke up at 3 am. Layed there with 50 million things going through my head for an hour.
Almost got up to go vacuum. (Just kidding!) Just wonder if anyone is still reading this.
Slept in until 7:30 am.

Today had better be MUCH quieter!


  1. Yikes! That's a week's worth of "stuff" and I think you need a rest!

  2. Yes,I agree with the comment above!
    I knew something was not right last night when I arrived to GEMs before you...I was relieved when I saw you there safe and sound!
    I am a bit of a nervous Nelly by times:0)

  3. What a day! You deserve a medal!

    Reminds me of the Amy Grant song, "I need a silent night"

    Boy do we, sometimes!


  4. I love that snow picture! They look like bona fide explorers!


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