Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I can't believe Christmas is only about six weeks away (or less??). It's not possible! I'm not remotely ready, nor have I hardly thought about it. I guess it's because I have other things on the brain. A blogging friend of mine just returned home with her family from the PI where they met and brought home their new daughter. Oh she is a little doll! Another sweet couple whose blog I follow are finally (after 29.5 mths!!) approved to bring home their son!! He is just over a year old. I can imagine that he is quite a peanut yet! (Even cooler, their little guy is on the same island as our girls!! We just might get the opportunity to meet)!! I am so excited for both families!! I am also thinking and praying for the families stuck/still in the waiting process. I know now how frustrating the red tape time can be. Keeping them in my thoughts and prayers!

So, ummm, yeah, my mind is on other things. Perhaps in another week or two I will get into Christmas mode. We'll see... Would anyone like to do my shopping, baking, and decorating for me :oD?


  1. I don't think anyone can do justice to what you create!

    Just think how busy you'll be NEXT Christmas!!!! LOL!!!

  2. I would love to do all of those thins for you!!! And with you too :O) but I can't, I can pray for you though!!!! Praying you find peace in Him, and rest!!! Praying you get all of your jobs done!!! HUGS!

  3. All those things are fun... but you are keeping the REAL Christmas very well!

    So excited for you,


  4. Oh boy! Six weeks... I am in trouble... and I am not adopting... what is my excuse! When I saw the airplane I thought you were on your way.

  5. 38 days exactly.. enjoy christmas and after go to PI to keep your girl.

  6. Soon you'll be on that plane, too.

  7. I rememeber back to those days. It's hard to think about much else when you are waiting to bring your child/children home. As for me, I don't like to think Christmas until after our Thanksgiving, but then I get in the spirit of things. I am so excited for your family!!!


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